ASDC Newsletter, Centred. "An evening with Chandra Crawford"
Volume 7, Issue 21
December 3, 2015

This bi-weekly publication is intended to highlight the achievements of the outstanding athletes in Central Alberta, provide tips on nutrition, training, mental skills and upcoming events.

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Female Athlete
of the Month

December 2015

Bryndelle MacDougall, is a 17 year old Red Deer County resident and is a two-sport (Team Handball/Speed Skating) athlete.     
This past year has been a very busy one as Bryn participated in two competitive sports, long track speed skating and team handball.  She made the 2015-2016 Alberta Provincial Development Team for Long Track Speed Skating, and is also a member of the 2015 Team Handball Provincial Development Youth Team.  This past summer Bryn travelled to Germany with the Youth Development Team for Handball where they played teams from all over Germany.  Her handball team heads to Iceland just after Christmas to participate in a tournament.  Bryn’s goals for this year are to build skill and success in both speed skating and handball, and to coach and mentor younger athletes in both sports. 

Media Release
24/7 Red Deer Video Interview

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Career Opportunities

Director of Alberta Games and Marketing
Organization: Alberta Sport Connection
Deadline Date: Tuesday December 8, 2015
Location: Calgary, AB

Centre Administrator
Organization: Alberta Sport Development Centre - Southwest
Deadline Date: December 11, 2015
Date Posted: November 30, 2015
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

Sports program director
Organization: The society of the Edmonton triathlon academy
Deadline Date: December 21, 2015
Date Posted: November 26, 2015
Location: 2nd floor 8008 104 st NW, Edmonton Alberta AB T6E 4E2
If you are always striving to achieve success defined by someone else; you'll always be frustrated. Define your own success. – Coach K

Impressive Performances

Cross Country Running
Competing in the Cross Country Running Canadian Championships is a great
opportunity and experience for those who are passionate about this sport.
Hundreds of athletes, from ages 14 and over, come from across Canada to compete in
this event each year.
I have had the opportunity to compete in XC Nationals in Vancouver in 2014 and
recently in Kingston, Ontario in 2015. This year there were over 1000 competitors. The
largest number of competitors at 189, was in the youth division in which I was entered.
This experience has given me the chance to see where I stand against some of the top
runners in Canada. I was able to compete with hundreds of athletes who, like myself,
love this sport and enjoy the competition. Competing against these athletes pushed me,
and challenged me mentally and physically. It was inspirational for me to see people of
all ages and sizes who are so dedicated. From this experience I have been motivated to
push myself daily and to keep improving in this fun sport. To quote one of my coaches,
“the most important thing is to have fun!”
- Jill Stewart, AEP Athlete 2015-2016

We are excited for Kirsten Pinkney, current AEP athlete, who has signed a national letter of intent with Simon Fraser University for the women's volleball Clan next season. [Source: Red Deer Advocate]

Michael Robinson participated in a U18 challenger tennis tournament and finish second place at the end of November. Michael is now off to Flordia for 5 weeks for some major tournaments and training.

Chandra with Gold MedalChandra Crawford - Olympic Gold Medalist
Athletes in the Athlete Enhancement Program were treated to a presentation by Olympic Gold Medalist, Chandra Crawford on November 26th.  Chandra shared her journey from making the Junior Cross Country Ski team to making the Olympic Team. Her message of changing an athlete's mindset from  "Have to" to Want to" was what helped her become so successful.
Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Chandra!


FUN-duh-MENTALS of Sport Psychology
Doug. Swanson – F.I.R.S.T. Place for Human Performance
December 3, 2015
A Brief review of Fixed and Growth Mindset
Below are twelve comparisons between fixed mindset (italics) and growth mindset (bold) orientations. The review is offered to provide context for the two very different approaches assumed by individuals explored in Dweck’s research.  As you read through each set of statements, self-appraise.   Where do you find yourself?
  1. For the fixed mindset individual if the task requires effort the assumption is “I am not very “bright”, because if I was bright, it would be easy”. For the growth mindset person effort is always seen as the precursor to achievement.
  2. If the skill to be learned or acquired requires lots of practice then I am not very talented. Talent is the product of deliberate, intentional, purposeful, focused practice.
  3. If the effort expended to acquire a skill results in failures then I can’t possibly have what it takes to be skilled. Failures are portals of discovery.
  4. I am either good or not good; you can’t change your DNA data base. We are bags of DNA; the growth mindset person sees the opportunity to become somebody as an opportunity of investment.
  5. I don’t have time to experiment; experimentation means I am clueless and don’t know what I am doing.  Experimentation is the life-blood of an achiever; it is the research of a social scientist that is commanded to develop the organism called “me”.
  6. Getting ahead in life is finding something I am innately good at.  For the growth mindset person getting ahead in life is engaging in the daily toil.
  7. Character is in the genes; you have it or you don’t. Character is the product, the outcome, of endless hours of revisionist activity – try, re-try and try again and again.
  8. It is all about results; outcomes are everything and define quality of the person. For the growth mindset person it is about process and practice; in fact it is devotion to engagement in every life activities.
  9. It’s all about the finish; it is vital to win all of the time.  For the fixed mindset person it is about being top dog. For the growth mindset person “better” is his / her mantra; Good today, Better tomorrow.
  10. The mantra of a fixed mindset person is losing is for losers; I cannot afford to be a loser. For the growth mindset opportunities that offer risk and reward are events that ignite and excite; it is viewed as “best” when winning and losing are possible.
  11. Fixed mindset people see “poor” outcomes as evidence of lack of talent. Growth mindset people are fully plugged in to self-corrective actions.
  12. Change and growth are viewed as highly unlikely by the fixed mindset individual.  Change is the foundation of achievement for the growth mindset individual.

Upcoming Events

Applications for Winter Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP)
is January 13, 2016.
Applications can be downloaded from the ASDC Central website  under"How to Apply"
Contact  ASDC (403) 342-3231 if you have any questions or problems downloading the form.
Queens Hockey
Christmas Wreath Fundraiser
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Shawnee Harle is back for another inspirting presentation entitled:
“Empower Our Kids and Athletes to
Embrace Risk and Overcome Fear”

January 25, 2016
Margaret Parsons Theatre
Red Deer College
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Admission: $25
NCCP PD Credits available
Registration available online.
<<View Poster>>
If you missed Shawnee in October be sure to join us for this session.
Canada Games
Apprentice Coach Program Applications
 Are now Open

The Canada Games Apprenticeship Program provides the opportunity for each Province and Territory to send 2 Coaches of Aboriginal Ancestry and 2 Female Coaches to the Canada Games in Apprenticeship Roles.

More information on the program including the program guidelines and application forms can be found Here for the Female applications. And Here for Applications for the Aboriginal Coaching Apprenticeship Program applications.
January 8 to 10, 2016
Volleyball Canada will host the 2016 Men's NORCECA Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament in Edmonton, Alberta.
The winner of the event will go to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Tickets went on sale November 26, and are available through Ticketmaster 


Be Fit 4 Life (BFFL) has a new Coordinator
Joel Carroll is the new Be Fit For Life Coordinator at Red Deer College. Joel is an alumni of RDC where he played basketball for the Kings and graduated with an Education Degree. He has been involved in many of the programs he now get to facilitate, and is very passionate about the Red Deer community and helping others work towards living a more active lifestyle. Joel is extremely excited to now be part of the college in this new role and will keep you posted about upcoming programs and events that run through our Be Fit For Life Center.

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