At this, the commencement of the holiday season and a time of goodwill to all, we would like to apologize for our recent decision to remove an article from the Russian edition of our popular “Family Life” magazine. The item in question featured Clara and Kirsty, a lesbian couple from Dorset. We removed them because we were concerned about the financial penalties we might incur as a result of the new Russian "gay propaganda" law.

We now recognize this was a mistake. You, our valued customers, expect us to take a tougher stand on the basic human rights we have always tried to respect when running our business. We are therefore pleased to present, by way of apology to the communities we have offended, our new "IQEA" SPECIAL RUSSIAN LGBTQ HOLIDAY EDITION catalog. It includes selections of attractive and affordable household furniture, all being enjoyed by gay customers visiting our store. It also features the terrific new book GAY PROPAGANDA: RUSSIAN LOVE STORIES, edited by Joseph Huff-Hannon and Masha Gessen, forthcoming from OR Books.

GAY PROPAGANDA, now available for pre-order and as a free Russian ebook, brings together original stories, interviews, and testimonial, presented in both English and Russian, to capture the lives and loves of LGBT Russians living both in Russia and in exile today. As the world’s media turns its attention to the host country of the Winter Olympics, the stories gathered in GAY PROPAGANDA offer a timely and intimate window into the hardships faced by Russians on the receiving end of state-sanctioned homophobia.

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