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May Special

 For the entire month of May, we have a special on our Andrographis Complex product. Buy 2 bottles and get 20% off both bottles!
Many people use this product to help ward off winter infections and have found it amazing.
Warning: this product is contra-indicated in pregnancy.
This month, Mary and Pete are heading to Germany to attend one of the most prestigious conferences on acupuncture, Chinese medicine and its use in fertility and pediatrics. 
They are also visiting Mary's Dad, Leonard, for his 99th birthday!!
 We welcome
Nathan Francis, a very gifted acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, who will be filling in for them while they are away.
Joel Delaney will also be available for treatments if you usually see Peter or Mary.
Paddington Clinic Open Day!
Mark June 23rd, 2-4 pm. in your diary and come along to check out the clinic and meet the team. Bring a friend or family member, bring all your questions, and see first hand what we do. We will have demonstrations of a range of different things including acupuncture, diagnostic testing, hemaview, and much more. 

Referrers of the Month
A special thank you to the following people who have referred friends and family to the clinic this month:

Nicole cody, Mandy Andrews, Sue Anderson, June Van Der Stam, Maggie Barreon, Sheldon Larin, Mellisa Splisted, Linda Jordan, Jemma White, Michelle Queenin, Daniel Green, and Rachel Wiley.
 Thankyou to anyone else we have forgotten. We appreciate your trust in us and giving us the ability to help more people and do what we love. 

Health & Wellness 

Welcome to our May newsletter.
Now the seasons are turning, May is Immunity Month at the clinic.

We all know we need a strong immune system to fight infection, but there is also an emerging
recognition that a healthy immune system is essential for overall good health. Research shows that a
dysfunctional immune system plays a key role in the development of chronicdiseases as diverse as
depression, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and ageing.

With every new epidemic, be it SARS, bird flu, swine flu or an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria,
it becomes increasingly obvious that the conventional approach to preventing and treating infection is
beginning to fail our communities. The hero antibiotics of yesteryear are being rendered
next to useless by resistant organisms, with the cost and challenges of developing new antibiotic drugs
ensuring that future prospects are bleak. The sad fact is that allergies in children have reached epidemic
proportions, with some authorities predicting rates of 100% in the future. 

Strengthening your immune system is priority like it never has been before, especially if you
are someone who regularly catches colds and flus or generally feels unwell.

Let us show you how. 


Are My Lungs Joined To My Large Intestine?

The energy that protects our body from getting sick is call the Wei Qi. It is the energy that sits on the top of our skin and protects us from “evil pathogens”, like wind and cold. Our Wei Qi needs to be stronger than the “evil pathogens” so they can’t enter our body and make us ill!  Sound a little crazy? A lot of you might answer yes! But have you ever woken from a night sleeping under a fan or with the air conditioner on with a sniffle or sore throat? Continue Reading...

Eating For Immunity

Our immune system is highly dependent on some specific nutrients. The main ones are zinc and vitamin C. And guess what? These nutrients are also the ones your adrenal glands need to help you recover from and cope with stress. So, if your stress levels are high and your adrenals have used up most of your zinc and vitamin C supplies, you may likely have a lowered immune system. Continue Reading...

Are You Sick Of Catching Colds and Flus?

Michigan University did a study on healthy people to see what would happen if they were all infected with a flu virus. Although all immune systems were activated, only half got sick. Why? Continue Reading...

Is Your Immune System At Risk?

Support and enhancement of the immune system is perhaps the most important step in achieving resistance to disease.  However, when the immune system becomes compromised with exposure to viral/bacterial infections, certain chemicals, drugs and mechanical injury, it can cause the immune system to attack itself in susceptible humans. Continue Reading...

Exciting News!
We welcome another Paddington Clinic baby!
Austin Thomas Harrison born Tuesday 10th April.

Congratulations Emma-Jane, Shane Hugo and Violet!

Congratulations to all the other new Paddington Clinic mums this month.
Help us celebrate the arrival of your baby by sending a digital photo to and we will share the happiness with the Paddington Clinic family.
Congratulations to Cynthia Loiselle-Sequin for being our 500th liker on Facebook and winning a free one hour massage!

Congratulations to the other 499 likers who have gone on our Facebook VIP list to receive $20 towards their next visit!  (Valid until June 30, 2012)
If you haven't already joined our Facebook wellness community, like us here to be inspired for all things healthy and even score yourselves some special rewards.

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Success Story of the Month

I would highly recommend the Wellness Assessment at Paddington Clinic to anyone as it’s truly changed my life. Without it i’d still be in the doldrums. I thoroughly recommend the acupuncture treatments. I had never had acupuncture before and i found it amazing
The detox was fantastic and it got the whole process started for me. All of my health issues have improved. My cholesterol is down, my blood results have been good and I feel I have returned to my younger self.
I’m so glad i did this as i would never have been able to go on my overseas trip without improving my health.
R J Stimson

For more information about our Wellness Assessment, please click here
Wishing you a great month.
Yours in health,
The team at Paddington Clinic.

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