Fatigue solutions, Claim you FREE wellness assessment, Christmas changes, Win 3 FREE massages, and what's new at Paddington Clinic.
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What's new at The Clinic
We are offering FREE WELLNESS TESTING (valued at $150)
Included is a urine analysis, hemaview and a BIA to test many aspects of your health such as heavy metal toxicity, pH, gut toxicity, hydration, fat-to-muscle ratio and other health markers 
Click here for more information on our pathology testing. Acupuncture treatment also included. Claim your voucher for FREE wellness testing here.
Win a free Massage!
Enter our Facebook competition to win a free massage for you and 2 friends.  Competition closes December 5.  Enter now.
Health Seminar
Kick off the new year with a healthy mind by attending our "Better Health Naturally" seminar on February 6th 2012.  The Topic will be:  "Detoxification and Fat Loss- Regain your vitality!".  Tickets $20, redeembalbe on your next treatment.  Bookings essential.  Book Now.

Health & Wellness 

Pain affects all of us. From minor aches to debilitating agony, pain can change your mood, affect your health, destroy your relationships and stop you living your life to the full. Anybody who's ever had to live with pain knows how insidious and soul destroying it can be.  To learn more about pain and how to deal with it's presence in your life, check out our blog. 

"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live."
Jim Rohn


Are You In Alignment? 

A large majority of pain conditions relate to the structural balance of each person, which stems from the alignment of the hips. The body needs symmetry to function optimally, minimize muscle tension and reduce pain.  Hip imbalance can effectively be corrected with acupuncture, massage and Sotai (Japanese style of stretching). Over a period of time (dependent on level of imbalance) these modalities are used to retrain the relevant muscle to hold proper alignment (retrain muscle memory), move blood and repair any damage. This will help hold the structure in a position which benefits all of your body.   For more information on natural pain solutions, visit our website:

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Wishing you a great month, and a safe and happy festive season.
Yours in health,
The team at Paddington Clinic.

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