Happy Feb: Starting Good Habits For 2014, Anti-stress Recipes, Free Adrenal Assessments, Time-saving Tips and more!
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 New research shows acupuncture is effective in helping people lose weight. 
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Are you inflamed? Find out how to tell and how to stop it from speeding up the ageing process. 
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Since the late nineties there has been evidence to suggest that your breech baby can be turned to its optimal position for birth using moxibustion and acupuncture.
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2014: Your Year of Good Habits
Destress to start the year 

Stress is something that creeps up on us. It builds up and picks away at us and it has the notorious potential to turn into burnout and serious health problems when we don't put in place habits to manage it. The first and second stages of stress stem from the fact that the sympathetic nervous system greatly increases its activity. This means there tends to be decreased immunity, increased blood pressure and decreased digestion.  Then, when stress is prolonged, the exhaustion stage is reached as the body can't successfully cope with the stress any longer. It is here that the body can become seriously troubled, as health problems like hypertension, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fobromyalgia, arteriosclerosis and fertility problems develop. 

This month, we've got lots of info on good habits to begin in 2014 to keep stress to a minimum, plus stacks of tips of how you can prevent stress and burn-out naturally. PLUS we're offering two great specials for the entire month of February.
SPECIAL ONE: All adrenal assessments with a Senior Practitioner are FREE. These assessments use very simple techniques to check your body's stress load and you can find out more about them here. You can even check them out on yourself!
SPECIAL TWO:  15% off Myoplex - A magnesium complex designed to combat stress. To find out more about using Magnesium for stress, and which complexes work the best, click here.   


Feeling Tired But Wired? Find Out If You Have Adrenal Exhaustion With This Simple Technique

Adrenal exhaustion is something we are seeing more and more of. People with adrenal exhaustion feel “tired but wired”. They are exhausted, and have usually been under long-term stress, but any trauma, shock, or history of steroid use can also lead to adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal exhaustion is very common in our fast pace world and “type A” personalities. At Paddington Clinic, we use abdominal palpation in our acupuncture treatments as a key tool to figure out what is going on with your health. Any tender, hard, tight or painful spots on your tummy (known as ‘active reflex zones’) gives us very clear ideas about what is going wrong internally, which organs are out of balance, and what conditions are likely to be present. We then select Continue Reading...

10 Ways To Reduce Stress Naturally

Stress doesn't have to go unmanaged. And it certainly doesn't have to build up to the point of health problems developing. Here are ten things you can be doing to keep your stress levels at bay. Continue reading..

Ten Ways To Save Time and Reduce Your Stress Load

We know that stress is a major contributor to many serious health problems. We also know that stress is often caused by having to much to do and not enough time to do it in. More than half (65 %) of Australians say they are so busy they can’t make time for themselves at least once a day. We all have responsibilities, of course, including some that are fixed in the overall equation of your day – like working or cleaning or paying bills. But with some creative tweaks you can carve out more time for yourself by saving time on chores and other daily necessities of living. This makes more room for those activities which nourish you and reduce your stress load. Here are our top ten time-savers. Continue reading...

Magnesium For Stress

Tired? Can't sleep? Tight muscles? Cramps? Headaches? Stressed? Magnesium may be the most commonly deficient mineral in human nutrition. It is involved in around 300 essential biochemical reactions, including protein synthesis, testosterone production, insulin sensitivity, calcium absorption, and regulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Because it is the calming or anti-stress mineral, it’s very important to many human functions and is crucial if you suffer any stress symptoms. Find out five reasons you should keep your magnesium stores full and which is the best magnesium to take here. 

Stress: 7 Scary Things It's Doing To Your Body


We know that a little stress can be inevitable in life, and not particularly detrimental to your health. However, when you’re constantly feeling under pressure — overwhelmed, anxious, completely frazzled — the effects can actually add up to something dangerous. As if a clear, peaceful mind wasn’t incentive enough to de-stress, we rounded up some of the scariest ways stress can wreak havoc on our bodies — from fueling cancer to raising the risk of heart attacks. Continue reading...


Fertility expert Mary Melling explains the 3 essential things you need to know for fertility success - how to create the perfect growing environment, how to go from dud to stud in 90 days (sperm health is half the problem), and the number one block to conception, stress. Visit our website to download your free copy. 

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Anti-Stress Recipe of the Month:
Chilled Out Egg Roll

This is a high protein lunch recipe that provides the body with amino acids such as tryptophan and glutamine. Such amino acids are important for modulating the stress response and helps to manage anxiety. Sprouts are a good source of minerals such as magnesium that the body utilises readily during times of stress. Avocado and Salmon are both good sources of healthy fats that promotes optimal nervous system health and down regulate inflammation. The Nori provides the body with iodine, a trace mineral that can be difficult for us to find in the standard western diet. Iodine is essential for normal thyroid function; the thyroid gland if out of balance can lead to mood changes and digestive upset.

Click here for the recipe.

Wishing you a great month.
Yours in health,
The team at Paddington Clinic.

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