Happy August: Kids Special. Healthy Lunchbox Ideas, Acupuncture for Kids, Natural ADHD solutions, A Parent's Guide to Thriving Babies & more...
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If you are striving for optimal health, basing your diet and lifestyle on this food pyramid is a good place to start. 
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Many patients are choosing natural therapies as an adjunct to their medical treatments for cancer. And for very good reason.
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While infertility causes are numerous and complicated, here are six problems we often see which have been overlooked by doctors.  
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August News 

It's Healthy Children month at the clinic and this month's newsletter is packed full of healthy lunchbox ideas, home remedies for kids, natural kid's first aid, and child-friendly natural therapies we use all the time at the clinic, like homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and certain supplements. 

Each Practitioner at the clinic treats babies and young children and sees first hand the benefits of doing so - better sleep, better appetite, calmer, improved immunity and improved digestion, just to name a few.  
Each acupuncture practitioner at the clinic has also recently had private training with the world renowned educator and author, Stephen Birch, specialising in paediatric acupuncture, which you can find out more about below. 

Treating Children & Babies With Acupuncture

Needles and children are not things you commonly think of co-existing harmoniously. In fact, needles and children conjure up horrific thoughts of tears, tantrums and heartache. So, why do we insist on introducing the two? And how, exactly, do we convince our children to have acupuncture? At Paddington Clinic, we offer an alternative, non-invasive form of paediatric acupuncture called Shoni-shinShoni-shin, a Japanese form of acupuncture that literally translates to “children’s needle therapy”, involves the use of continue reading...

Getting Your Child To Eat Healthy Foods

Children are very impressionable, which can be a good or a bad thing when it comes to their diet. Most parents want their kids to eat a wide range of healthy foods, and the best way to do that is to model the kind of behaviour you want your children to adopt. Children tend to model their parents’ behavior, not their recommendations. It’s helpful to explain to your children why certain foods are not good for them. Show them the difference between natural foods like meats and vegetables, and processed snack foods, and tell them that only the natural foods will help their body to grow stronger. Continue reading..

What's Causing the Rise in Child ADHD: Natural strategies to help

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) makes it hard for children to pay attention and control impulsive behavior, and an increasing number of older children, including high school students, are now being labeled as having ADHD. If your child struggles with behavioral difficulties, whether he or she has been diagnosed with ADHD or not, we strongly recommend addressing all of these factors: continue reading...

Allergies, Recurrent Infections, Skin Conditions: Why We Treat Your Child's Gut

Over 70% of our immune system lives in and around the digestive tract; therefore having high levels of good bacteria in the digestive system is essential for building a strong immune system in growing children. In early childhood, your child’s digestive system is not yet fully mature. The first two years are the most critical. The gut microflora established during this period can greatly influence your child’s long-term immunity. If your child’s digestive health is poor and he is malnourished at this point, continue reading...


Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

A healthy diet is crucial in order to foster healthy, happy children. It’s easy to fall into the habit of giving kids the same food in their lunchboxes every day and more often than not, they tend to be packaged food because it’s just easier that way. However, not only will kids get bored with a daily diet of sandwiches, an apple and a bag of potato chips, it’s not ideal for their health to limit the variety of fresh foods they are eating. Preparing a healthy and interesting lunchbox does not need to be expensive or child-unfriendly. Here are our top 10 ideas which can add variety into your child's diet: continue reading...


Thriving Little Babies: A Parent's Guide

It can be an overwhelming time – bringing a new baby home. Here is a gentle, easy guide for parents to overcome common problems during breastfeeding (like low milk production), the healthiest formulas on the market (if breastfeeding is not an option), health concerns in babies like colic, and common concerns in parents post-birth like emotional overwhelm and fatigue, anaemia, and how mums and dads can best support each other during this time.  Continue reading...

Fertility expert Mary Melling explains the 3 essential things you need to know for fertility success - how to create the perfect growing environment, how to go from dud to stud in 90 days (sperm health is half the problem), and the number one block to conception, stress. Visit our website to download your free copy. 
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Whether your child has a tummy ache, a stuffy nose, or a bug bite, doctors say that old-fashioned home remedies are often the best way to help him feel better fast. These time-tested treatments rarely have side effects, cost next to nothing, and use items you probably already have on hand. 

The next time your child has a minor ache or injury, you can find these smart solutions all throughout your house. 
Continue reading...
Wishing you a great month.
Yours in health,
The team at Paddington Clinic.

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