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Kick off the new year with a healthy body and mind by attending our "Better Health Naturally" seminar on Wed, February 8th 2012. The topic will be "Detoxification & Fat Loss - Regain your vitality!" Tickets $20, and redeemable with your next appointment. Bookings essential. Book now on 3369 0045
Detox Special

2012 is your year!
We want you to start the year feeling healthy and refreshed, so all detox programs in January include a FREE initial Indicans urine test (checking for gut toxicity) , saving you $25. Click here for more info our on our detox programs. 

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Stress Ages You  
You will get older, that much is certain. What is less clear is how you will age. These days “anti-ageing” is big business as we fight to extend our looks, our health and...continue

Avoid Disease by Maintaining Acid – Alkaline Balance

It appears that taking small steps to change your body’s pH will give you more energy, increase mental clarity, improve digestion and stabilize your weight naturally... continue

Health & Wellness News for a Vibrant 2012 

Welcome to 2012. A new year, a new start and a fresh chance to put your health & wellbeing first. Now is the time to get on top of niggling health problems and to kick-start your year so you can enjoy more energy, less stress, better health, happier thoughts and a more full, vibrant life. New Year's Resolution? To experience a happier, healthier you!

Kick-start a friend's year off! Refer a friend this month because all new clients receive FREE wellness testing, avaliable until January 31st, 2012. 
Test for gut toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, body acidity, poor nutrition, liver health, inflammation, free radical damage, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, fat-to-muscle ratio and other health markers. This gives an overview of their current health status and a plan to get them functioning at peak performance and optimal health!

Click here to visit our website and register them for a FREE wellness testing voucher

Toxic To Clean For a Fresh 2012 Start

Picture two white pillowcases. Through one pillowcase you pour 6 glasses of filtered water and two cups of herbal tea. After one full year of continual use the pillow case will still be clear, virtually clean. Through the other you pour two glasses of water, two cups of tea, 3 cups of coffee, one can of coke or Pepsi and two glasses of juice. After a year of this, ....continue

The Impact Of Toxins

The human body is designed to naturally eliminate harmful toxins from our bodies. Detoxification is a fundamental bodily function. In fact, it has been a part of our culture for decades. The ancient Greek culture would use several methods to cleanse the body such as blood letting, laxatives, emetics, hot baths, fasting and ...continue

Healthy Digestion for a Happy New Year

In the west, detoxing has gained a huge amount of attention in recent years and hasn't really declined in its popularity. In Chinese Medicine, detoxification doesn't really rate a mention, and this is why:......continue

Take It Off & Keep It Off

Are you feeling the need to shed some of those Christmas kilos? Have you tried countless weight loss programs but failed to get results? Do you know how to turn on your body's natural fat-burning process? Being within a healthy weight range is not just about looking good, it's about feeling good and preventing the development of chronic disease. Kick-start your year off with our Shake It Weight Management Program, and enjoy the feeling of long-term wellness. Click here for more info


Thanks to Melissa our most recent "convert":

"Recently, I experienced acupuncture for the first time. For many years now, I have heard of the advantages of acupuncture – but I am not too keen on needles, so I think that is what held me back from trying it. Now I realize that I needn’t have worried! After the session I felt very calm. Again, this was different to what I expected. I have always associated acupuncture with providing relief for physical ailments. Now I understand that acupuncture addresses balance in both the body and mind. I didn’t ‘float’ out of the clinic as I had expected; in fact I felt quite energised – but at the same time, calm. When I arrived home, my partner made mention of a couple of potentially stressful issues, but I didn’t react as I normally would have. I addressed the situations in a positive, less emotional way. I have noticed that this feeling of balance has continued through the week. I feel more grounded.

I am now a convert! I will definitely continue with a regular schedule of treatment in the future. Thank you Paddington Clinic, for gently allaying any fears that I had regarding acupuncture, and for helping me to understand more of the power of the mind/body connection. You’ll be seeing more of me in the future!"
Melissa Spilsted. Paddington, Brisbane.

Wishing you a great month, and a healthy & happy start to the year.
Yours in health,
The team at Paddington Clinic.

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