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We can say with confidence that the Babycastles
Gallery is definitely definitely happening!

This is a very exciting milestone for us, and we wanted take a minute to thank all of you who have made this possible so far! We couldn’t have made it to this point without all you wonderful people believing in us and supporting our desire to give Babycastles its own home in NYC. We hope you can continue telling your friends about our new mission, and perhaps even becoming a member of the definitely upcoming Babycastles Gallery yourself if you haven’t already. We are so close to achieving our goal and there’s no turning back now! So please, consider purchasing a membership. The membership confers entry into all upcoming Babycastles events and some other special extras as well!
We are currently looking at some promising locations, so the next update should be even better!

The first year of gallery programming has been planned, our opening event will be for As-salāmu `alaykum Babycastles, featuring Islamic independent games. We also have an upcoming show at ACE Hotel in partnership with NY Armory featuring independent video games from mainland China. More news on those soon!!
Now, we'd like to extend a special thank you to all
of the generous supporters of Babycastles Gallery:

Aaron & Christina Isaksen
Maxwell Neely-Cohen

Zach Gage
Vikram Subramanian
Dustin Long
Francis Tseng
John Sharp
June Malone
Eric Zimmerman
Emily Ng
Sharon Denning
Kevin Cancienne
Joseph Mauriello
David Shuff
Christian Howard
Andy Wallace
Matt Albrecht

Panos Koutsoyannis
Rebecca Mir
Matthew Gatland
Yussef Cole
Hayden Cacace
Don Behm
John Bruneau
Liza Pantschenko
Andrew Ritchie
Alex Ragona
Malte Skarupke
Colleen Macklin
Clyde Shaffer
Nadav Lipkin
Phoenix Perry
Robert Dionne
Ilya Zarembsky
Toni Pizza
Eric Lippe
Chad Toprak
Emery Martin
Christopher DiMauro
Joe Ishikura
Eli Dvorkin

Nikita Mikros
Samuel Abram
Colin Atrophy Hagendorf
John Malaska
Harry John Shephard




During INDIECADE: EAST at Museum of Moving Image, conference co-chair Kevin Cancienne will interview Babycastles founders Syed Salahuddin and Kunal Gupta. This session will explore the inspiration behind the videogame collective, Syed and Kunal's experiences running it so far, and what the future holds for Babycastles. Absolutely worth checking out if you'd like to hear about the upcoming Gallery first-hand!

As part of this year’s INDIECADE: EAST, we will be running the “Babycastles Zine Reading Lounge”! Any time attendees would like to take a break from the wide variety of games on display, they can come read an assortment of small press books and zines related to all forms of gaming in our lounge. We will have zines covering video game fandom, history, culture, creation, and critique. As well as an assortment of comics about, influenced by, and even made by the creators of, video games. There will be a substantial of collection of independently published table top role play gaming manuals, as well as several zines offering academic critiques of role play gaming. We will even have a modern pinball fanzine.

A N D   T H E N
..on Sunday, after the conclusion of IndieCade: Eastfeel free to join us for a PRE-AFTER-PARTY at the Applebee's down the block from the Museum!
Come and meow with us!

we accept BITCOIN!
we accept DOGECOIN!

Curious about how the Gallery will be run?
Questions about our projected budget?
Wondering about the location?
Speculations on dogecoin usage?

There is an FAQ!
Read more about our plans at:


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