Hello CYT Families,

My name is Sandra Ford. Although most of you know me as “the costumer” or perhaps as a new board of directors’ member, today I am writing as a concerned parent. I know our lives are busy, but please read this entire letter. All CYT members should know the current state of our organization and understand the impact on its future. All of us are busy, but we need your help now.  We all must band together and help one another for the sake of this organization. If your child has benefited from this program, we ask for your help. It cannot continue to be the same families carrying the burden.  They are weary and deserve our support.
Concerns have been raised amongst CYT INC leadership about our doors being permanently closed!

Our current board of directors is shouldering the impact of disappointing ticket sales and unresolved inherited debt to the U of A.  Part-time employees have graciously volunteered many extra hours each week in addition to one sacrificing her paycheck.  Steps have been made in the last two years towards paying off the debt, but it’s not enough. The last two seasons we have not been able to depend on production revenue generating substantial profit. Everything has gone towards operating costs and resolving ongoing inherited debt.
We shared in the last letter sent from the board that we have an upcoming deadline (February 14th) by which we must raise $6,000. This is next week. This money is to pay for licensing rights for Beauty and the Beast. We have only raised $2,300.
If we don’t reach our goal we will be forced to cancel the show. Once canceled, refunds will have to be issued for advertising and sold out school day shows.   The money from school day tickets has already been consumed to pay monthly operating costs.
Another pressing concern is the rent for our warehouse. If you haven’t been there yourself; it is our massive storage space where we keep costumes, props, materials, sets, and much more. It is $1,500 a month that has not yet been paid for February. The owner of the space is ready to put a lock on the door and shut us out from years worth of show supplies.

These are just two issues out of many, but these two problems alone pose both short and long-term consequences for CYT, leading to the aforementioned discussions of whether or not we can survive these losses.
So what can you do?
  • Donate prayer to CYT that our leadership will be strengthened during this stressful time. 
  • Donate money to CYT that is tax deductible.
  • Donate time to CYT to offer an opportunity to area businesses to support local arts education. 
  • Donate energy to the fundraising team. 
  • Donate space to CYT to store some of the items in the warehouse. 
I hope that we can all band together and support this incredible organization, so as to ensure students can continue to develop character one stage at a time.

- Sandra Ford
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