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Holidays, end of year cramming and new years' goal pressure, oh my!

Who's super psyched to stress way the f out in the name of celebration and tradition?!

Yeah, me either.

I'd like to start off this monthly motivational by reminding you that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. That means you get to choose differently than what was chosen for you in the past.
  • Maybe you let that stressful annual commitment go this year.
  • Maybe you set a couple boundaries you've never been able to say out loud to your family.
  • Maybe your resolutions look a little different than they did when performance health ruled your world.
You've got so many choices available to you. Good news: this year you're more aware of all your conditioning than ever before! Take that knowledge and create a more enjoyable, lower-stress life for yourself!

Because there were no new articles on SIO during the month of November, I've decided to share my favorite Weekly Motivational with you instead. If you like it, you can switch your profile settings to get back on the weekly email list!

My fav Weekly Motivational from this month:

Stop Romanticizing The Shitstorm

When the work gets tough, the past that led you here starts looking pret-ty rosy. Well, mama Amy's got a few things to say on that front. Don't want to read it? You need this extra bad:
Not a lot to share with you from this month, but good news: if you want more regular updates, check me out on Instagram or change your account settings back to weekly emails.

I hope that my words helped you today and continue to help you through the rest of this hectic, expectation-riddled month!

Hugs n' fist bumps,
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