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I've been taking on other people's opinions as if they're my truth for my whole effing LIFE. Will you stand up with me and say "NO MORE"?!



Being in the line of work that I am doing it the way that I do, I get to hear all about what other people think of my work and the way I do it (yay, trolls!). As an empath and a person recovering from boundary issues, I have a tendency to take it all in and keep it there.

But it's official: I'm done. Because they don't get to define me. I'm the only one who gets to do that and I'm not about to hand them that privilege.

When something someone says or does hits me hard, I remind myself that:
  1. It's ok to be affected. It means I haven't turned into a robot...yet.
  2. That's not my story.
It's hard to delineate what's mine and what's theirs sometimes, especially since I was raised to be a people pleaser (Why can't everyone like me all the time?!). I have to actively remind myself that I'm separate from them. My story is not theirs; I don't have to take on what's not mine.

So the next time you're hit with a shitty comment or unwanted criticism or even a bad case of the comparisons, remind yourself that that's not your story. Then give yourself some space to feel, brush yourself off and get back to doing what YOU are here to do: live yours.

Big "you can do it" hugs,
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Welts on my arms - So I took a break from my beloved double unders the last few weeks and my arms are now paying the price. I'm literally whipping myself back into jump rope shape (nyuk nyuk nyuk). "Shape" meaning coordination 'cause all y'all know I don't believe you have to be in any kind of "shape" before you move like you love to move!

@themindgeek - I had a few aha moments looking through this psychotherapist's Instagram feed last week. Ready to get VALIDATED AF?! Check it!

I did the hard thing! - I took the first step in facing my fear of rejection and it was as hard as I thought it would be. I drafted the email. I sat on it for 4 days. Then, I prayed as I sent it. BUT I sent it! I'll just be over here gnawing my fingernails off in anticipation of a response... 😬 
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