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Ok, so it was here in August which is WILD, but it's now officially the Fall season so I've got a Fall-themed motivational here to light up your week.



With Fall, people usually have a one-or-the-other-type mindset. It's either the above (PSL, PRETTY LEAVES, HALLOWEEN FTW!!!), or it's "Say goodbye to the sun and hello to seasonal depression!!!" 😀😕😩 

No matter what your take on Fall, there's one thing I hope we can all get in on: possibility.

There are so many possibilities in every new season. We never know what's going to happen. We can have an inkling, sure, because of what's happened in the past, but you never really know if that's going to happen again this year. The possibility of this Fall being different than the others is very, very real.

So whatever your experience with Fall (and especially if S.A.D. has ever been your reality), stay open to the possibilities. What if your tools help you a lot more this year than they did last year? What if you can lean on your support more this time around? What if you discovered a new Fall-themed drink you like more than PSL's?!?!?!

Blasphemy aside, this isn't me invalidating your experience if you struggle with seasonal depression. It's quite the opposite. S.A.D. happens to a lot of us and the anticipatory fear can steal our joy away while we have it, effectively lengthening the depression itself.

This year, what if there's a possibility that you can meet it with open arms? That you can welcome it in instead of fight it? You don't have to like it and it doesn't have to be "easy," but bearing down and resisting it makes it a hell of a bigger beast to tame.

Meet whatever your possibility brings with compassion this year. No matter what, it's gonna make you stronger.

Hugs n' fist bumps,
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Great British Baking Show - There is no better show to calm my nerves than this one on Netflix. Can I get a hell yeah for a reality show that features the best in humanity (kindness, helping others, passion) instead of the worst?! Plus CAKE!

R & R - I spent all last week recovering from the awesomeness that was Raucous Weekend. I used to teach at events, get home and immediately start hustling. Guess what I got? Mucho depression. So now I give myself a few days off and get back into the swing of things much faster (usually without the depression part!).

Facing fear - The next big step for me in expanding this health revolution has me coming up against one of my greatest fears: rejection. It's time for me to face it, but MAN do I not want to. It's time, though. I'll report back soon. :)
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