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Seasonal emotional shifts? I'm with you, and I have some thoughts...

I don't have much from October to share with you, but I do have a thought that can help you if you were hit by the seasonal emotional shifts like I was...

So many of us super-feelers are affected by the turn of the seasons. When we feel the effect, many of us panic. "Oh no oh no oh no it's happening again!" we might say. Then, there's the shame. The self-doubt. The "Why me?"s.

Instead of letting the panic n' shame train take you, let's switch our Mental Optics around this.

What if we can look at this seasonal shift as something to accept about ourselves (WHILE doing what we can to take care of ourselves and feel better)?

Accepting our emotional shifts as they happen rather than fighting or denying them allows them to roll through us instead of getting locked inside (and staying longer). We've gotta learn what they're here to teach us, and we've gotta listen to hear what those lessons are. 

And if you're afraid of acceptance, know this: Acceptance is not resignation or giving up.

You can accept your current circumstances even if you don't like them or want them to last. Acceptance is the key to releasing the pressure instilled by shame and "should be different" thinking, and it allows you to move on. The resistance we usually feel, on the other hand, stops it all up and makes moving on and feeling better harder.

So if you're one of the many of us who feels this way, can you–even in the most subtle of ways if that feels safer–try to embrace and allow the emotional shifts that come with this season? Can you try to look at them as teachers instead of threats? Can you practice radical allowance with whatever emotional state IS for this moment, all while knowing it won't be like this forever?

The more you allow, the less shame you'll experience which (in my book) makes for a much more enjoyable Fall and Winter. The sun will come back, and the ease along with it. Until then, may you learn so much about yourself that the next time you experience joy, it's deeper than you've ever known!

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My fav Weekly Motivational from this month:

Not My Story

Nasty comments, criticism & comparison are no match for this mantra. Read this short, to-the-point WM and try it this week!
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I hope the words I shared today help you through your next tough spot. You're not alone in it!

Hugs n' fist bumps,
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