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It's Halloween/Samhain week, y'all! In light of the holiday, I've channeled The Craft for this week's Motivational. I hope you enjoy it as much as my inner 90's kid does!



I've always been a weirdo. As such, I've had a hard time fitting in with people who aren't weird in the way I am.

I've tried to force friendships out of loneliness just like we probably all have at one point or another. You probably know how awful it feels. I've personally been "friends" with bullies and super-unconscious people because I thought that the deeper part of the friendship would come if I changed myself into who they wanted me to be.

When I met my current "coven," however, it all snapped into place.
  • I didn't have to hide my loads of enthusiasm from them; they chimed in!
  • I didn't have to pretend I wasn't hurting when I was; they saw through that shit anyway.
  • And I didn't have to lock my magic away so they wouldn't make fun of me; they wanted to learn all about it.
When you find your weirdos it feels like home, not like you need to change yourself. Whether it's your group from school, work, the gym or even your recovery friends, you gotta find the people who are weird about the things you're weird about (or at least the ones who celebrate your unique weirdness!).

If you feel like you're lacking with your friends, it could be that they're just not your weirdos...which can be scary. No one wants to be friend-less. You don't have to get rid of the friends you have now in order to make new ones, though.

Go out and find the people doing the things you're weird about! Join a meetup group. Have a deeper convo with that person you always talk to at the gym. You deserve to be celebrated in all your weirdness, however "witch" way it presents itself.

No matter what your weird is, there's a coven out there for you and it's magic when you find it. Wishing you the very weirdest, supportive and most loving friendships there ever were.

Happy Halloween, witches!
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Costumes - It's been at least 5 years since I last dressed up for Halloween because I'm boring and don't go out at night. That all changed when Maya got here, though (not the boring part, the dressing up part). Cue all the cute costumes!!! We settled on a giraffe costume because Sophie is life.

Bethany C. Meyers - Owner of The Be.Come Project, a body-neutral online workout membership with the motto, "working out because we love our bodies. not because we hate them", I look up to them like WHOA. The way they approach movement is how I hope to do it with SIO in the near future (no peeking!). You can follow The Be.Come Project or Bethany or both on Instagram. Either way, prepare yourself for major lovey-accepty vibes aplenty!

Really, boundaries?! - I had to use my voice to state (and restate) boundaries ALL week last week and it was EXHAUSTING. If you got hit by whatever was in the cosmos last week, please let this be validation that it's not like this forever; it's just our chance to level up our healing. ;)
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