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Not everyone's going to agree with me on this one and it's just plain not for everyone, but I think it's important enough to spend this week considering it.



Most of us avoid discomfort because, well, it sucks. If we know someone triggers us, our natural reaction is to avoid that person...which makes a lot of sense. We see the potential storm and choose to walk around it. It's self-preservation.

What if your avoidance is actually keeping you from healing the stuff your triggers bring up?

Triggers bring to light the dark parts of us we can't see on our own. If the same trigger keeps hitting you, it might be time to turn around and walk back into the storm.

Triggers victimize us when we act as if they have all the power. They don't. When we resign ourselves to reacting in the same way we've always reacted, the storm wins every time.

By walking into the storm rather than around it for the purpose of understanding ourselves better, we become the hero of our own story.

We take back our power. We declare to the storm: "You don't get to limit my life. You don't get to govern who I am."

Now, hear me on this: this isn't true for everyone. Triggers exist on a spectrum and people who have triggers that are on the more extreme side of it (such as with PTSD) won't make them better by walking into triggering situations without some kind of mental health pro's plan in place. I'm talking about the kinds of triggers that bother you, not the kind that wreck you.

Recently, I started walking into the storm with a triggering friend and I'm healing SO much! I'm so psyched on it that I wrote a whole long-ass post on it. Here 'tis!

Fresh on SIO: How To Reframe Triggers As Gifts

In today's post, I tell you all about my journey from avoidance to walking into the storm of being triggered, and my personal process of reframing triggers as gifts (seriously).

Click the button below to learn how to reframe your triggers as gifts!
And if this whole shabang isn't for you right now, or you have some triggering stuff that's on the more extreme side of the spectrum, know that healing's still available to you with a mental health professional's help. Don't hesitate to reach out; my many over the years have changed my life more than I can tell you.

Here's to you, hero,
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Know Some by Vandelux - This song is my new sexy running/workout song. What? You don't have one of those?! You best get yourself one stat!

Intense gratitude - Can we just take a moment of gratitude for all the things that we have now that we didn't just a few holiday seasons ago? Online shopping, thank you for saving me from the holiday shopping cluster f**k!

Radical acceptance - I've been coming up against some serious expectation let-down...of myself. I'll hopefully be able to share more soon once I'm out of the thick of it. Lots of work happening on this side of things. ❤️ 
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