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Honestly, I fall into this trap WAY too often so I'm thinking maybe you do, too? Let's fill that dang hole in with glitter...



We've all been in situations when we've gotten what we thought we wanted, but had to sacrifice our health for it:
  • Love with a side of codependency. (mmmm chaos)
  • The job that required WAY too much of you. (never sleeping AND panic attacks? Sign me up!)
  • Weight loss along with obsession, guilt and shame. (whoopee!)
  • Speed/Gains topped with injury and burn out. (yay throwing all our hard work away!)
Looking at it in black and white, you're probably like, "Oh, I'd never go back to that."

...But then you're like, "But maybe..."





Stop right there, you marvelous amalgam of stardust! You're romanticizing the shitstorm again, and I'm here to grab you by the face with both hands and yell into it: STOP THAT SHIT.

This is super common for people in performance health recovery and for people healing their shit in general.

Healing is hard, dude. It requires learning all new skills and constantly reframing things you thought were true your entire life! While working through the hard stuff, it makes sense that your mind would stray back to when you weren't doing this work. In hindsight, it probably felt easier. 'Cause you were asleep.

Which is when you gotta remind yourself WHY you started doing it at all.

Remember the pain? Remember the struggle? Remember the moments that led you to this way of being?

You're not here in this way of life because you just thought it would be a blast, right? You're here for a real reason. You're here because you rose above all that pain and struggle like a mother f***ing PHOENIX.

You didn't rise all this way to go back to what hurt you.

Baby love, you're stronger than you used to be and you're further than you've ever been. You can't go back with this level of awareness; it would destroy you.

I don't want to see you go through that. So I hope you'll hear me when I tell you to stop romanticizing the shitstorm. While it might not be entirely clear skies for you yet, at least you're on your way. At least you got to choose to be on this road. That's more than you could say for the shitstorm you got thrown into, right?

With mama bear love and fierceness,
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Frustration, meet acceptance - I'm frustrated at how long it's taking me to get things done for SIO. I have all these ideas but no time or–honestly–energy to do them. When I feel this way about anything nowadays, I let myself know that it's ok to feel this way. Any feeling I have is ok. Reminding myself of this let's the heaviness out of it...even if it doesn't "fix" it.

Conscious scrolling - Every so often I have to put Instagram on pause. I find that I'm more prone to comparison, jealousy and not enough-ness thoughts when I'm overwhelmed or tired (me these last couple of weeks). It's good to know that the world doesn't end if I step away from social media for a wee bit. ;)

Little challenges - I recently upped my running distance and I'm darn proud of myself for not going extreeeeme on it. Even without my knee brace, it felt good! I even *gasp* walked some this morning. Man, the things I'm proud of now are way different than what I was proud of back when I was a slave to performance health. 🤘 
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