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I have a client who's seeing big shifts from where she was just a year ago. Rather than celebrating, however, she's in a state of disbelief and distrust because it didn't happen the way she thought it was supposed to. This WM is inspired by her, and I hope it'll snap a little light on for you, too.



When you make small, gradual changes on your way toward your goals like we talk about on Strong Inside Out, you don't usually see huge results immediately. It takes time the way we do it. The way we achieve results is meant to lead you to lifelong, sustainable behaviors and mindsets...which is different than the methods we're usually exposed to.

The majority of what's marketed to us are quick fixes that involve punishment in the form of sacrifice, restriction, rigidity and The Rock-worthy amounts of willpower. This messaging has conditioned us to believe that that's the only way to achieve results.

So when I take people through my coaching or programs and guide them to make small, loving actions that grow and evolve over time, it's a surprise when their mindsets do 180's or their health goals are hit with ease.
The most common thing I hear when people get results through our work is: "I don't understand how I got here!"

What they really mean is: "How did I get here without punishment, restriction, giving up everything I love or shaming myself?"
Long-lasting change that feels like ease and flow doesn't usually come from the quick fix gimmicks because the actions they require aren't sustainable. It's in the mantra you decided to use when you chose your meals this week. It's in the 5-minute movement session you decided to try just to get started moving again. It's in the talk you had with your mom about a boundary you had to set.

Punishment isn't the only way to get results, but it's definitely the most horrible one.

And since you have the choice, which would you rather feel for the rest of your life: punishment, or ease n' flow? You can choose whichever you want, just know that you have a choice.

Your anti-punishment pusher,

Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Back Down - Hayden James Remix by Bob Moses and Hayden James - This song's chorus is pretty much our battle cry from us at Strong Inside Out to performance health: "Your reality is our insanity; Our humanity is tearing at the seams" Sing it loud and proud to remind yourself that their reality doesn't have to be your undoing - you get to choose your own reality!

Daydreaming in design - I'm thinking of changing the look of SIO to fit our vibe now ('cause it's SO 5 years ago ;)). So many possibilities! I'll try to do you proud.

Coaching openings - I have a couple of openings coming up for one-on-one coaching. If you want in, get on the waiting list here ASAP!
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