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This week's intention is pretty dang straight-forward. Get your big kid pants on, 'cause we're hopping right into the mantra...



I gotta be real with you: I have a strong tendency to victimize myself. It's in my gosh darn DNA, dude! It's been my default my whole life...but I'm determined to change that.

When I feel myself falling into one of these thought patterns...

  • Fear of judgment (body image babes, that's you)
  • Fear of speaking up or setting boundaries
  • Fear of being myself (or being TOO myself)
  • Anger at someone else for not respecting my feelings
  • Obsession over something I said (aka every conversation I've EVER had)

...I pick up this mantra.

No matter what you look like, your personality or your personal opinions, there will always be people out there who will judge you. Some people just feed on that shit (no judgments ;P).

When I remind myself that it's not my responsibility to change other people's opinions of me, I can FEEL the panicky fear shit evaporating off me.

Plus, it's impossible to control someone else's opinions. You can try, but bet your ass you'll lose yourself in the process (speaking from experience, boo).

Needing to be enough for anyone but you is a nasty addiction. Drop it like it's hot and pick up this mantra and a few deep breaths. Breathe that shit OUT!

New Interview for Better Humans

How to Overcome Metrics-Obsession and Be Healthy Without Shame

Usually when I do interviews, people ask safe questions designed not to be too challenging or confrontational. This is not that interview.

John Fawkes asked some seriously fearless questions about my approach to and beliefs about health in my interview for Better Humans on Medium. And I was so grateful for it.

I have no doubt that countless people out there have the same questions about how I do my health coaching in rebellion against extreme fitness and diet culture. John just asked them out loud, which allowed me the chance to set the record straight.

If you're curious or even skeptical about my approach to health (or know someone who is), you'll want to read this one. It's a goodie. Click the link below.

September was a hot month for interviews! Here's another one in video/podcast form!

New Podcast Interview: Aligned & Unstoppable

You know when you chat with someone and you just let your full geek flag fly? That was this interview. ⁠

Emily Aarons and I fully nerded out about all things health, spirituality and body're gonna wanna listen in.⁠

Check it out - click the link below!
Also, no big deal but IT'S OCTOBER TOMORROW. What's happening?! Ok I'm done. Big hugs!

Cheering for your freedom from judgment-fueled shame and limitation! :D
Welcome to the VIP section, babe! This is where I share my fav finds, happenings and thoughts from the week. Here's what's up in my world now:

Recovering - I taught Raucous Weekend this past weekend and I know from experience to give myself a little self care gift the day after. Today it's a massage and extra down time. 

Glowing - Thanks to Raucous Weekend I get to spend time with some of the most awesome people I hardly ever get to see. It's a big love fest and I'm still glowing from it!

Trust pays off - We're officially starting with our new nanny today after a couple anxious weeks of not knowing who to go with and guess what - everything worked out just as it should. Imagine that! ;)
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