The new girl! Plus Hendrix finds his niche!
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The new girl!

Meet Macy!

Macy came to us in December. She was hit by a car six months prior to her arrival and nothing was done for her. Her back is broken and her pelvis was broken in four places. With nothing protecting her legs, not much skin, there was a lot of infection. She was not yet spayed and in heat at the time of her arrival.

Like Hendrix, Macy will need constant care. If you wish to sponsor Macy or donate towards her medications, cast padding, vet wrap or towards future vet visits, please go to

A wheelchair has already been donated but that's our next story....
Hendrix found his niche in life!


Happy Birthday Hendrix!

Since our last newsletter Hendrix has turned... SEVEN. Who knew! Since his birthday Hendrix has really stepped up in taking the roll of Big Brother as he's taken a shine to Macy and Ginger.

Ginger can't use the wheelchair herself, so we tied a string to his chair and he tows her around, supervised of course... I don't think she's ready to go off roading just yet!

As for Macy, Hendrix has taught her all you need to know on how to be hell on wheels!
Let me show you the way... grasshopper!


An apology...

Once again, I would like to apologize for not getting the newsletter out on time. I'm still trying to juggle everything on my own. With all the animals here at the Sanctuary getting up there in age, including myself, life has become a little more demanding. This means more trips to town for supplies, vet visits, keeping up with the chores and repairs.... I have found it harder to look at the computer by the end of the day to do the books, social media, check the e-mails, and try to fit in the fundraising.

So PLEASE be patient with me... It gets a little overwhelming at times... Thank you!


A special thank you...

To Brandon Scarlett and Robin Schofield for making special trips from Las Vegas to come out here and help with some repairs I can no longer do myself. Brandon fixed and donated the parts to get the golf cart up and running again! It's been down for five years, waiting for the funds to have it repaired.

Which means... a whole lot less walking for me and more exercise for the dogs! Thank you Brandon and Robin!
WooHoooo!.. The race is on!

Happy dogs!

Haha... See ya!!!
Hendrix has taught Macy well... Okay the girl can fly!!!!!

We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy!

Facts about our Sanctuary.....

This sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue for disabled, ill abused and/or un-adoptable animals who can live out the rest of their days in comfort. Our purpose is to provide a place where they can receive good food, vaccinations, extensive medical care, restorative and rehabilitative treatment, and live in a cage-free home environment on our 40-acre ranch. We are a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.

This is not a rescue shelter. We cannot take in any animal that is adoptable, aggressive towards people or other animals, or the fact nobody wants them anymore... we can't foster or adopt animals out. Unfortunately, because our animals are un-adoptable, the sanctuary doesn't receive many breaks with food, medical, medications, supplies, or grants thus far. 

Our only source of income is through donations. Once these special needs animals (horses, dogs & cats) are accepted here, the focus is on them. We give them the care and tools they need to live a semi-normal life and their one chance at happiness! Thanks to you they're getting just that!

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A word from Annie....  

People are always asking me why I have dedicated my life to the special needs animals, when there are so many others out there that are healthier, less work, more likely be adopted.

I reply, because these animals have just as much life as a healthy one. There are so many rescue shelters out there to help the healthier ones and very few for the special needs.

What's wrong with showing an animal who was either born with an illness, beaten and tortured, severely neglected or discarded because they got old, a little compassion? It goes a long way! I've watched these animals come back to life, seen some do the impossible, and watched some find love and trust for the first time. Even though some lives where short lived, they had the chance at knowing someone cared...

If you are interested in helping... Please contact us!
or call us at

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