Very happy holidays too you!
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Well, another year has passed and grateful we’re all still here! This will be the first year in awhile where we have not had to endure the pain of losing anyone. Just the hard reality of getting older…

Hendrix just celebrated his twelfth Birthday, and has been here for eleven years now!

Milo has also been here for ten years, Tessa ten, Clovis nine, Maggie seven, Ollie three, Flynn three, Macy five, Happy four, Bevis almost two years…

Emma eighteen years, Radar ten, Cloe ten, Peanut six, Pudd’n & Iddgy nine.

Hahaha… Do I have to do the horses too! Okay... Blue, Montana, Cheyenne have been here twenty three years, Pathos twelve, and Monkey almost five!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, these animals are here to live out their life. It’s because of their disabilities and illnesses is why they are here. To give them a chance at the life they have left, a place where they can be accepted for who they are and enjoy everyday their here! Enjoy their freedom without being confined in a kennel. Yes, they need everyday medications, legs wrapped for all those who drag their back end, diapers for some due to incontinence. Of course the older they get the harder it is to keep up with their needs.

This year’s been a long slippery slope on trying to make ends meet. Between medications, feed & supplies, repairs, insurances, vet bills are all getting crazy in price, making it harder to keep up. I was forced to change Veterinarians because they were raising their prices every other month… I also find myself shopping all over town to try to get the best prices on feed & supplies I can get, and some things we’ve learned to do without. It’s just one more thing for me… Unfortunately, the longer I’m gone the more stressed out the animals get!

I try to keep asking for donations down to a minimum, but this coming year I really need your HELP! The dogs really need new beds (you can only wash them so much before they disintegrate!), a few repairs on the barn, blood tests on all of them so they stay on their medications. Also we are in desperate need of some flooring! There is 23 year old carpet there now, and with all the accidents, it’s beyond cleaning. To be honest I’m surprised mushrooms haven’t grown from underneath!

It’s been with your help the ranch has been able to give over sixty animals a loving home and allow them to live the best life possible until the very end. Some for a very short time…. Others, a long happy life!

I would like to thank all of you who have donated this past year! I’m very grateful you’re a part of us! May you all have a safe Holiday and Happy New Year!!!

Annie & The Gang


Because of You...

These animals have been able to live a life of love, comfort and happiness!

All because of you!

Thank You!




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