Once a hero always a hero! Plus our Challenge Update!
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Once a hero... Always a hero!

For those people who think special needs and handicapped animals aren't worth saving.... Think again!

I'm not even sure where to start. I was finishing a week long project with one of my sidekicks, Milo. When I forgot a tool on the porch and went to go get it. Milo waited for me at the bottom of the steps. As I'm coming back, I went to step off the porch where there was a Mohave Green rattlesnake coiled. Within a split second it lunged at me, mouth open and about an inch from my leg. At the same time, I see Milo also jumping and grabbing the snake in midair!

Unfortunately, Milo was either tagged or received what you call a dry bite (the snake must have lost its venom when Milo grabbed it). Milo was bitten behind the ear and ended up with temporary paralysis on one side of his face. He was treated by the vet as if he got the full load. He has since made a full recovery!

Milo will always be my HERO!

Another round for Pathos... 

Pathos had another severe bout with colic...
As most of you know, Pathos came to us when he was 2 1/2 years old, only weighing 360 lbs. and had over a 100 lbs. of sand in him.

With all the storms we had this summer, the last electrical storm took its toll on him.... He stopped eating, drinking and pooping for 3 1/2 days. With countless hours of walking him, trying to entice him to drink, having the vet come out to give him fluids and with the use of lots of Banamine, once again Pathos has pulled through! Because of his past, not knowing how much damage he received when he was younger, there is a great possibility that this will be an ongoing problem. 

Milo's snake...

This was our worst year with rattlesnakes to date. So far we've had 13, all Mohave Greens.

Travis's turn...

Around the end of June, Travis woke up to a nice hematoma in his ear. It had to be stitched down to keep the fluids from returning. Unfortunately his ear will never stand up again.
It's okay... Nothing wrong with a little character!!! 


Hendrix has been having bouts of cellulitis. The end of September was his second round.


Clovis is just getting over a bite from either a spider, scorpion or centipede. Nevertheless, he had one horrible reaction! Thank you Dr. Paterson for the steroid shot and thank you... Benadryl!!!

We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy!

        so very much for
  participating  in the 2014
     Summer Challenge!!! 

Once again, to all of you who participated in our Summer Challenge, I cannot thank you enough!  
I know it's not easy these days to be able to donate, but LCRS is the only chance these animals have...
Because of you... We raised $5,195.00 plus $4,000 that was matched, totaling $9,195.00!

Now, I would like to show you how important it is for your continued support!

Since June, when the Challenge started, these are just a few of the basic expenses we've had to date.
Medical: $2,955.23
Medications and Supplies $1,283.94
Feed for horses, dogs & cats $4,128.77

Unfortunately this doesn't include overhead and repairs. I know it seems like a lot for four and a half months, but we don't always get hit this hard with  medical expenses. This round of bills covered not only the stories I told you at top of the page, but also LaKota who needed stitches, Ginger's x-rays, and of course, the passing of Ebony and Ivory.

Best thing I can say.... Because of you, we're still here! And because of you we have been able to help a lot of animals, some for a short time, some for years, who medically shouldn't be able to do what they do! Because of you... they're happy, comfortable, and able to enjoy the life they never would have had.

  Thank you, for making a

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A little recognition... 

I would also like to give a little recognition to some of the businesses who have stepped up to help us out.

7465 Concho Dr.
Kingman, AZ 86413
For allowing us to keep a donation jar in their establishment and making a periodic donation!
For all the fundraising they've done for us!
And special thanks to Mitch Miller who got it started!
ARBY'S of Kingman
3265 E. Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401
For allowing us to use two donation jars!
Lake Havasu City, AZ
For making a donation for their Grand Opening!
3136 Stockton Hill Rd.
Kingman, AZ 86401
For allowing us to set up tables for fundraising!
For stepping up to help with some of Hendrix's needs periodically!

For those who receive our printed version of the newsletter, a big thank you to Scott Beckwith who donates his time and materials for us!
4815 W. Russell Rd.
Suite 7G
Las Vegas, NV 89118

A word from Annie...

With all you have done for us, we still need your help! We are counting on YOU, who believe in us, to get the word out! As one person, I can do only so much. It's only you who can tell others that we are here, what we stand for, and why we need their help. Just think how many other animals out there are in need of our help. With more people like you, we can...!           
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