Gladys must have been one hell of a cat! Plus the 2015 Summer Challenge!
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Gladys must have been one hell of a cat!

A tribute to Gladys...

We received a care package in memory of Gladys the cat ... (parents- Billy and Barbara McIver). Two cat condos, toys, can food, kitty litter, dog treats and toys, even stuff for the horses!

Gladys must have been one special kitty! This awesome care package was sent from Devine Law Firm in memory of Gladys McIver. Thank you Courtney! Gladys will forever be in our hearts...

It's not often we get donations like this, I was just as excited as the kids were when I opened the boxes... WOW!!
Cloe waiting for me to put it together

The Mountain View Residents are at it again!

Their forth annual garage sale!

Once again these wonderful people have raised money for our Summer Challenge! This year totaling $605.00!

I would like to Thank Judy Irvine & Bob Nelson, Gay Hutson & Bill Bayer, Denise & Rick Neath, Sam Mirto, Jeanette & Dick Farmer, Karen Florez, Barbara & Jim Osborn, Terry Nystrom, Cheryl Hamm, Dale Webb, Jim Reppert, Carol & Phil Wright. Thank You!!! 


Be a part of the 2015 Summer Challenge!


Summer is here and things are heating up! Christmas seems so far away, not just because of the temperature, but because donations are fewer in the summer and fall months. Yet the animals still need to eat all year round, and you know how it goes with vet bills – one can never really schedule emergencies!  A small group of generous donors has come forward with a Challenge – they will match every penny donated from now through Labor Day, up to $6,000! This is our biggest match yet! So please join our Challenge and make your money go twice as far.  Whether you are able to give $5 or $500, the animals thank you!
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.  –Aesop
Happenings on the ranch...
Getting things done!
Brandon Scarlett, Alex Carter & Kervens Baptise helping with some much needed repairs... Thanks guys!

Not only did the boys repair the side of the house, but also some roof repair. A week later it poured.... Yay! No more leaks!!!

I'm almost afraid to tell them what the next project is....


We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy!

A word from Annie...

Since our last newsletter, there has been a strange turn of events. Instead of me taking care of all the animals, they are now taking care of me!

For all of you who don't know... I had another heart attack in May and had to go back to the hospital in June for another stint. I have to say, the kids were devastated! Being gone three days at a time, at first having people coming in and out they didn't know, they were a mess... Then all of our friends and volunteers stepped up to pull us through our time of need. 

The animals haven't let me out their sight since, they seem to know when my blood pressure is off before I do, making sure I take naps, and I'm pretty sure they keep checking to see if I'm still breathing... LOL!  They have been on their best behavior and most of all, they have been letting me sleep an extra hour every morning!

Things are now getting back to normal. I'm back on my feet, getting things done, feeling ten years younger, learning to pace myself a little better and listening more to the animals when their telling me somethings wrong.

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A special thank you...

I would like to thank everyone who kept our family going!

To Robin Schofeild who stayed with me for two weeks, Kim Tegano for one week, Brandon Scarlett who's been trying to keep up with all the repairs and new projects, Alice Mcdonnell and Gay Hutson for keeping tabs on me when I'm by myself.

I'll admit it's been a rough couple of months, but knowing we have great friends, volunteers, and supporters such as yourselves, is what keeps us going. From the bottom of my heart to all of you... Thank you!

Join us for our next project!

We now have 250 ties to start fencing in the property to keep the cows out! It's a big job, but, will be well worth it! 

If you are interested in helping... Please contact us!
or call us at

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