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A word from Annie...

First, I would like to apologize for not getting this newsletter out sooner. It's been a very trying summer and fall isn't looking too promising either!

I would also like to thank everyone who got us through the summer. It was one I won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Since our last newsletter...

As you know summer came early with an unbearable heatwave when our air conditioner gave out. Mice had gotten in the unit and chewed some of the wiring. Once they were in, they chewed their way out through the duct work. The repair company wanted way too much to fix the ducts ($2,500) so I did it myself for $40! 

In the following four months after getting the air conditioner working, I was sitting on the porch with a friend, as we watched all the tires on my truck deflate. Two days later, I drove to buy hay when the water pump and fan clutch went out! Four days later, the 2,500 gallon water tank gets a hole near the bottom. The well guys say, "no problem, for $300 we can patch it".  Did I mention I had to go back to the hospital for a few days (two more stints)? On the way back home, I drive by the tank, oh look, it's still leaking but through a bigger hole! So we had to buy a new tank.

Another week goes by and the refrigerator goes out. That's okay. I have another one. Three weeks later, that one dies. 

Meanwhile.... in between all of this, I'm trying to get the arena finished so I can start letting the horses out without juggling them around, which will make my life a little bit easier. Then Lakota starts to get sick and I get two new arrivals, Ollie and Flynn, the loss of a dear friend, Maggie has a stroke, and Hendrix is also having problems. Their stories next...

Another painful goodbye…

                     LaKota enjoying the rainbow...

Kota, the love of my life, is now a part of the rainbow... In July, a couple of weeks after I got out of the hospital, Kota started to limp. After trimming her hooves everything looked normal until she began to get a weird bruising. I called the vet. After a blood test, she said it was borderline Cushing's. The next day, Kota can barely walk. The sole of the hoof is starting to rise! It was also getting soft. The other leg began to do the same.

The antibiotics were not working, and the pain killers were not helping! The vet came back to take X-Rays. She found pockets of fluid around the coffin bone. The next day.... I had to say goodbye.

At the speed in which Kota deteriorated, I'm guessing she had gotten a sepsis infection. Kota was always a fighter and with all she has been through, it was very hard to let her go.... To read more about Kota's life, click on  

A tribute to Alice...
All of us here at the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary lost a very close and dear friend, Alice McDonnell.... She was not only a friend but a confidant. Her love for animals was second to none. Alice and I have never met each other in person. We met on Facebook, then phone calls regularly. She tried so hard to get well enough to come out to the ranch.

Our standard joke, if we don't meet in this life, we'll meet on the rainbow bridge. Well, I don't know when, but I do know where!   Until then my friend...


The new arrivals... 

                         Hello... Ollie!
Ollie is from Bullhead City. The shelter that found him said he was in an abandon house with a few other animals. He was slated to be euthanized because he doesn't have use of his back legs. He was pulled by another rescue (BHC S.A.I.N.T) who then called us. Unknown to us, the healthier animals were euthanized later that day.

Ollie's back is broken, one hip is shattered, and a personality that won't quit! There's not much we can do for his injuries, but we can let him be him! He runs like a rabbit, loves to cuddle with his new brothers and sisters, and he's happy! He's home!
               And then there's Flynn!

Flynn came from a shelter out of Phoenix. Another baby that was slated to be euthanized that day. They said Flynn was picked up as a stray running the streets, which I find hard to believe since the shelter posted on his stats that he was un-adoptable because he couldn't walk and showed signs of aggression. The man who ran the shelter was very adamant about euthanizing him!

The reasons why Flynn could not walk were that his nails were so long they were embedded in his pads. His testicles were so big they were getting caught between his legs and he has a pinched nerve in his back. Most likely he came from a puppy mill and was kept in a cage most of his life, breeding the hell out of him! Flynn is about 10 years old.

Now Flynn can walk and run...though he looks like two people in an animal costume where the back half looks like it has a mind of it's own! LOL!

                  The best of buds!

Ollie and Flynn have completely bonded. You won't find one without the other!

Saying goodbye to the golf cart...
The golf cart has always been a great asset to the ranch. It helped me to run the dogs, allow them to really enjoy their freedom, most of all helping me keep up with Hendrix! It's also helped me get around the ranch in keeping up with repairs... It will cost over $1,200 to repair it! A cost I just can't justify. 

We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy!


Maggie had a stroke a few weeks ago. She could not stop vomiting, had loss of balance, and stopped eating.

The good news is that she had what is called old dog vestibular disease (a mild stroke). It can resolve itself in a couple of days and she should show improvement. In fact, it often goes away as soon as it is developed. Unfortunately, it can leave some rare side effects like a permanent head tilt or affect other motor skills. Maggie's head still has a tilt and is a little off balance but doing well as can be expected.


Hendrix is also having a "ruff" go of it. The day after Maggie had her stoke Hendrix started vomiting white foam. He couldn't stand up, had excessive urination, and loss of appetite.
Another trip to the vet...

The first tests showed Hendrix had a urinary tract infection and his liver count was elevated. The vet was able to stop the vomiting and started him on a coarse of antibiotics.

The next day he still doesn't want to eat, he couldn't lift himself up, and was getting lethargic. His belly was getting these soft pockets of fluid so I took him for x-rays.    Okay, here it comes....

His bones are disintegrating and his bladder isn't emptying, which is pushing his organs to one side of his chest. His heart is enlarged and he has mucus in his lungs. The first thing was to empty his bladder (over a half liter), give fluids with electrolytes, and do another blood test to check for Valley Fever. The results were negative...



Hendrix... (continued)

He is responding well on the antibiotics! The next step is to have another blood test to see how his liver is responding and start looking for the cause of why his bones are disintegrating...

It really pains me to see these babies sick, hurt, or know their time has come. But it makes me nuts when I don't know why! So I'm apologizing now to Dr. Robin Paterson for making her crazy! (It's a talent that won't be going away any time soon!)

Hendrix is one of the most resilient dogs I have ever met! A quality we can all learn from... He truly is one special boy!

It's finished!!!
    Montana enjoying the new arena!
I started this project 8 years ago. Every time I started to work on it, something always went wrong! We had to stop to build two shelters, locate railroad ties, and help with sick animals and the passing of some. On a personal note, I had two heart attacks, five stints and knocked out my tooth. But now...IT'S DONE!!!
Thank you to those who supported the LCRS STRIKE-FOR-A-CAUSE at the Suncoast Bowling Center. The bowl-a-thon raised $1700!! Thank you to the vendors, participants, volunteers, and donors!!

If your interested in helping... 
Or mail a check to:
Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary
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