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A word from Annie...

I would like to apologize for not getting a newsletter out until now. It’s been another long year and most of it is due to Mother Nature!

Since our last newsletter...

Starting in January, Hendrix got his bone biopsy and is cancer free!! Unfortunately, the surgery was done on the wrong side of his body, which created a very long healing process. (Almost 2 ½ months to be exact!) I will explain more in his story to follow.

January through March, it rained with very few breaks in between. I spent most of that time trying to keep the horses afloat, working on repairs, and taking care of Hendrix. Apparently his friends help him pull out his stitches on a regular basis. It got to the point that I had to put him in the car and drive him to the barn with me every time I went to feed the horses!

After the rain stopped, it took me almost two months for clean up. Shaving weeds (so you can spot the snakes), trimming all the trees from the broken branches (thanks to the cows), and making more repairs.

In June, we got hit with a horrible heat wave. The snakes came out in full force, the dogs and cats don’t want to leave the air conditioning (hahaha), and as for me…I’m outside still doing the chores, digging post holes and placing railroad ties to fence in the property…in my spare time.

At the end of June, the monsoons started. We were hit with one storm after another for two months. I had to rebuild the roads twice, keep up with all of the weeding, repair a few roof leaks, and, of course, NOW all the dogs want to go out and play. What can I say…they love mud!

Why am I telling you all this? It would be to explain that by the end of the day, it’s not easy for me to write a newsletter or thank you for a donation in a timely fashion. I haven’t had a volunteer in over a year and it really is all I can do to keep up.

Another painful goodbye…


As many times as I have to go through this, it does NOT get any easier.

For the most part, Sandy had a good life. I’ve had her almost eleven years. A friend of mine, who had passed away, adopted Sandy when she was five. She had her another five years. On September 8th Sandy had a massive stroke and several small ones after that. She was almost 21 years old when she passed away.

No matter how long you prepare or know what is coming, it hurts just the same.

Lucky is still hanging in there!


As you may recall, Lucky came to us in December 2015. He was 15 years old and spent most of his life tied to a chain. When he arrived, he had the prognosis on only six months to live. Well look who’s still here!

Don’t get me wrong, Lucky has a lot of bad days and there are times when I think this is it…but still, he gets excited over his dinner, loves his morning hugs, getting brushed, and still enjoys going out to bark at the rabbits with the other dogs. He even looks forward to taking his medications! Lucky loves his life…and I’m not going to cut it short.

        Getting the job done...                      

Keeping up with the weeds is...
a lot of work with a 4" hoop hoe!
 Woohoo, almost a half mile of posts!
 Only another half mile to go!
Thank you!

A special thanks to the Prairie View Neighborhood Group for having their annual yard sale sale! Raising a whopping $1,085.47 for the Sanctuary!

I really should be used to this!


In the middle of writing this newsletter, Clovis had to be rushed to the vet for a blockage! His belly was swelling, he had a lot of discomfort and crying, and he was having a hard time staying on his feet. After x-rays and blood work, it showed he was just constipated. $439 later, he only needed a $20 enema! Of course, you can’t second guess something you can’t see.

We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy!



Hendrix really had a “ruff” go of it for awhile. As I stated earlier, he had another biopsy to see why his bones are disintegrating. However, the surgery for the biopsy was done on the wrong side, which is the side he lays on, sits on, and has the strongest of his two rear legs, that being the one leg that supports him!

Not only did he have to get re-stitched a half dozen times, he also developed a seroma that needed to be removed. Through the midst of all this, he got a broken sternum! This caused another round of cellulitis. He looked like he had an alien sitting on his chest!

So now, this poor guy can’t get up on his own because of his swollen chest and belly. Once he does get up, he can’t stand on the one leg that had supported him. Because the healing process took so long, the muscles in his leg started to atrophy.

After four months of therapy and working with his leg, Hendrix is finally starting to regain his muscle. He is just now getting around on his own with very little help. He’s not 100%, but I have faith he’ll get close.

Hendrix is back to voicing his opinions, he will also be turning 10 years old November 9th! So...

Happy Birthday Hendrix!

 You silly boy!!!

Thank you!

To everyone who has supported these animals through out their lives here at the ranch. Allowing me to give them the life they so greatly deserve. To watch them enjoy each and everyday as if it was their last.... Thank you!


Our fundraisers... 

"No tap"
For The Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary!


Suncoast Bowling Center
9090 Alta Dr.  Las Vegas, NV.
4pm to 6pm-Saturday, November 4th
$30.00 per person or $100.00 per team
Shoes included!
Sign up at:
For more information contact us at

or call 928-692-3209

3385 South Durango Dr.
(South of Desert Inn)

For your convenience use this flyer to dine in or pick up any regular priced items.
You can check out their menu at
All you have to do is sign the fundraiser sheet when you arrive!
Villa Pizza will donate a percentage of every receipt related to the sign-in sheet on Monday, December 4th to the
Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary!

Thank you for your support and
Making a difference!!!

If your interested in helping... 
Or mail a check to:
Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary
 P.O.Box 6763
  Kingman, Az. 86402
or call us at
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