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On February 2, 2017, over 2,750 students and community members were served Granny Smith apples for City Schoolyard Garden's Harvest of the Month celebration.  For bi-lingual information on nutrition facts and a suggested recipe, click on the backpack flyer below. For additional information and photos from this month's Harvest of the Month celebration, check out our blog or website.



Check out a copy from the elementary school libraries or from the Jefferson Madison Regional Libraries.
"I knew it was an apple! As soon as I heard the clue 'crunchy', I knew. I can't wait to eat it!"

- Jackson ES Student, referring to the morning clues about the secret Harvest of the Month snack for February 2017.
"What you really need is the audiotape of 20 kids all chewing juicy apples, with sighs of contentment..."

- Wendy Baucom, Harvest of the Month Parent Volunteer at Venable ES

Top Left: Student at Clark Elementary shows off his Harvest of the Month snack. Top Right: A teacher at Clark Elementary distributes the Granny Smith apples to students during class. Top Middle Left and Right: Students at Venable Elementary munch on apples during class time. Bottom Middle Left and Right: Students at Johnson Elementary smile for the camera with their apples. Bottom Left: Student at Burnley-Moran Elementary is proud to show the camera her bite into the apple. Bottom Right: Charlottesville High School students stop by the Harvest of the Month table to pick up some Granny Smith apples.

By Lisa Reeder - Local Food Hub
American apple growers grow enough apples for each American citizen to eat a bushel of apples every year - that's over 100 apples!

‚ÄčIn Virginia, apple trees require 90 to 175 days from 'blossom to fruit' -- so when you see the white and pinkish-white apple blossoms in April (they look like popcorn on the trees) start counting the days!

Granny Smith is the most famous green apple, known for its tart flavor and firm, crisp flesh. It's good for baking, salads and for eating fresh - and there's even a super-local variety called Virginia's Blushing Granny Smith, which blushes to pink when it ripens on the tree!

Four generations of the Chiles family have been growing and packing apples in Central Virginia since 1912. Nowadays, they have 15 orchards spread out across several counties, including Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville and Chiles Peach Orchard in Crozet.  All of their apples, including these Granny Smiths, are cleaned and packed in their Covesville facility in southern Albemarle county.

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Top Left and Right: High school students from the Miller School volunteer to help with washing and counting the apples. Bottom Left: Parent volunteer Wendy Baucom and community member Jill Livingwood find a creative way to wash apples in their limited space. Bottom Right: Community member Erin Bruce teams up with a student from the Miller School to transport washed apples back into the box.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who were so generous with their time and helped deliver the snack to the classrooms! Thank you to Lisa Reeder from Local Food Hub for helping City Schoolyard Garden source these apples locally from Crown Orchard. And last, but not least, thank you to all the CCS kitchen staff for sharing the kitchen space with us.
Harvest of the Month is a program that highlights a locally available crop each month by providing a fresh, healthy snack in all six Charlottesville Elementary Schools. Students also learn about the crop in their schoolyard garden and classroom. Information on growing, nutrition, and preparation of the crop is shared with teachers and families. The goal of Harvest of the Month is to support healthy living skills that strengthen our youth and community.  If you're interested in reading more, check out the USDA article about City Schoolyard Garden's Harvest of the Month program.
It takes a community to make Harvest of the Month happen! City Schoolyard Garden is grateful to work in collaboration with Charlottesville City Schools and Local Food Hub. Supported with funds through the USDA, the Thomas Jefferson Health District of the Virginia Department of Health and other generous donors. Thanks to rock paper scissors for their design work and Desmond Cormier, Buford Middle School Art Teacher for working with his students to produce the artwork. 

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