City Schoolyard Garden & Charlottesville City Schools are pleased to announce...
Greenbrier Elementary as the
2015 First Peas to the Table Winner!

Clockwise from top left: Greenbrier Garden Coordinator, Emily Anderson, assists 1st grade students in planting peas indoors in early March (to later be transplanted outside); width of pea pod is measured at 1" on May 22nd; CSG Board Vice-Chair presenting the award asks students who likes peas and hands are raised; Greenbrier Principal, Jim Kyner, congratulates 1st graders on winning the 2015 First Peas to the Table Competition and receiving this year's Jefferson Cup.
This year marked the third iteration of the infamous annual First Peas to the Table friendly pea-growing competition across first grades in all six of Charlottesville's public elementary schools. Congratulations, Greenbrier Elementary, for taking home the cake (or shall we say...cup)!

Way back in early March, first graders across the city planted English shelling peas at their schools. The students tried out an assortment of different pea growing techniques - some planted directly into the ground, some started the peas in small pots and then transplanted them outdoors, some even added fish to the ground beneath the sprouting peas (a technique employed by the native americans). Students measured the growth of their peas each week and recorded observations such as when the peas sprouted or reached the trellis as well as when the first flowers and soon-to-come pods finally emerged. Classes also read books, relating to their pea planting, learned about soil health, and engaged in project-based lessons that span math, science, language arts and history. 

The track record of their observations can be found here on CSG's website.

With a very mild and somewhat slow start to the spring, pods took longer than expected to form and the pea measurement date actually had to be moved back several times. This meant for some tough competition right through the last possible measurement date. Greenbrier First Graders produced the fattest pod, ready for harvest with a 1" diameter! Venable was a close second at 7/8". Greenbrier received a Jefferson Cup Award, engraved with their name and First Peas to the Table, which was presented to them earlier today.

Students will celebrate with the final Harvest of the Month crop on Thursday, June 4th. We don't want to give away the surprise, but will say that June's snack is a close relative of English shelling peas. Stayed tuned!

Congratulations to Greenbrier and to the first graders at all elementary schools across Charlottesville - you all did a rockstar job growing peas this year!

And let's not forget about our previous First Peas to the Table Award Winners...

Jackson-Via Elementary in 2014

Johnson Elementary in 2013
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