Welcome New Board Members!

City Schoolyard Garden is rich with a dedicated, flexible, and creative Board of Directors. This month, we are lucky enough to welcome a crew of new members including (from left to right):  Katie Kellett, Karen Kennedy, Waverly Davis, Paul Freedman, Brittany Thorp, and Cate Whittington (not in the photo). Katie & Cate are founding members who have rejoined the Board after time away. Learn more about all of our Board of Directors on the CSG website and stay tuned to more in-depth profiles in future e-newsletters.
Thank you each for volunteering your time, skills, and hearts to City Schoolyard Garden!

Chicks and Changes at Jackson-Via

Over the last few months, there have been a lot of changes at Jackson-Via -- a new shed and fence, new garden mosaics, even a full day of chicken chasing in the garden.  Most notably, here at CSG we are tipping our hats to Garden Coordinator, Virginia Berthy, who is passing the torch of garden and program management. 

Since she started in the Winter of 2013, Virginia's diligence, ability to spark curiosity in the garden, and her strong commitment to stewardship, both of the garden and Jackson-Via's community, have kept the garden a growing and active part of the school.  She worked with teachers and students in a variety of ways: leading 1st grade students to victory as last year's 
First Peas to the Table winners; teaching students about worm composting from food scrap to castings; helping the Piedmont Master Gardeners' after-school club get into the garden; planting a whole pumpkin to see what might happen as it decomposes; having students water, weed, and learn about gardening during recess; building the shed and fence; leading workdays... and the list goes on.  As a general rule, whenever Virginia was in the garden, students were often by her side, listening as she guided them through and around the spectacular processes of the garden.  We wish Virginia the best in her endeavors as she continues to balance all that she does!


As Virginia moves on, the shed and fence construction remain as a lasting part of her help and diligence.  With the completion of this construction, the garden seems an entirely new space, simultaneously saying "stay out" to all groundhogs and deer while becoming even more welcoming to students and teachers.  Strong and alluring, the new garden structures are all the more inviting with the added adornment of beautiful mosaics from Jackson-Via's students and art teacher, Eileen Butler.

Over the course of 4 weeks last fall, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students worked during art class to create mosaics on two panels for the sides of the shed and a mosaic on the shed's door.  They brainstormed about the wildlife and animals that visit the school grounds and created mosaic scenes of the animals visiting the garden.  Though any such colorful and beautiful display of student investment and effort would be a great addition to the garden, these mosaics go further and tie the garden to the mosaics on the front of the main building at Jackson-Via.

To add more to the story of changes at Jackson-Via, we cannot leave out the day of chicken chasing in December.  On the 19th, over 250 students from pre-K to 4th grade came out to the garden to visit with three chickens on loan from Charlottesville's Casa Alma.  Throughout the day, students rotated between holding the chickens and grinding corn for feed. 



CSG Garden Corner

Join us for tips about planting, pruning and harvesting in your garden.

January 2015:  Starting Seeds
by Samantha Taggart


The New Year brings with it many new beginnings and is a great time to start seeds for your spring garden! There are a few important things to think about when growing seedlings indoors. Read about them in this month's garden corner!

Read Sam's blog to get the full scoop on starting seeds.

Harvest now: winter greens
What to do now: start
planning your garden for spring, keep those winter greens covered, start germinating seeds indoors

Also, check out what's going on in the
City Schoolyard Garden at Venable.

Happy Gardening!

Stop by our new office!

CSG is enjoying our new office space at 1710 Allied, Suite 27. Stop by and visit us. We are also thankful to our landlords for making a donation. Thank you Woodard Properties.  
CSG sends out a hearty thank you to each and every one of the individuals, businesses and foundations that support the work we do to engage youth in nature, enhance academic learning, and cultivate the skills for healthy living. We can only thrive with your partnerships! 

We are excited to have received a donation from Martha Jefferson Hospital's Community Benefits Program to support City Schoolyard Garden's work to cultivate healthy living skills with youth. Thank you MJH!
A hearty thanks to the WestWind Foundation for a donation by Edward and Janet Miller. 

Thanks to the Perrin & Peggy Quarles Fund in the CACF for your donation

City Schoolyard Garden's Winter Appeal has been wonderful and we are so thankful for the many donors who make us part of their annual giving! Your support is critical! It is beautiful to read your notes of support and to share one of these CSG Garden Thank You Cards!
Cheers to Ms. Whitney, we'll miss you in our gardens!

For the past year, we’ve been so fortunate at City Schoolyard Garden to have Whitney McDermott, a Senior Fellow from the Allegheny Mountain Institute, on staff as the Elementary School Programs Fellow. 

Whitney is a joy to work with, both in the garden and in the office.  Her humor, hard work, kind spirit, and patience brought so much to CSG and all the staff, board, garden coordinators, partners, volunteers, teachers, and students that are a part of our work.

In the office, Whitney’s work building our volunteer program, designing, drawing, and writing for the newsletter, coordinating workdays and material requests, working with the GCs and partners to build sheds and fences, and supporting Jeanette in innumerable ways with her work as the Executive Director has been vital to the success of our programming in the Charlottesville schools. 

In the garden, her calm and curious nature was the perfect fit for engaging youth.  Whitney’s work with after school clubs, in-school classes, and weekend workdays has strengthened and supported the work of our garden coordinators at the elementary schools and grown the garden bounty coming out of the gardens themselves.  Here’s what the GC’s had to say about their time working with Whitney:

"We couldn't have made it through the year without Whitney!"

“Whitney was nothing short of perfectly awesome to work with, always ready to lend a hand, or an ear.”

“Her calm disposition and enthusiasm made working with her a pleasure.”

“Her work with teachers on a project-based-learning (PBL) lesson in the garden was critical. I know that some teachers were apprehensive about the lesson, but now they are big believers in project-based learning. I firmly believe that one of the reasons it all went so well was Whitney’s help.”

It’s hard to think of CSG without Whitney’s presence each day, but we’re excited to see what she goes on to do next (and to have occasional guest appearances from her in our gardens)!!!

Thanks for everything you do and are Whitney!

~ Emily, Jeanette, and the CSG team




You Eat at Sticks Kebob Shop any Saturday in January and 10% of profits will benefit City Schoolyard Garden. Thank you Sticks! 


Your tax deductible donation counts and we are still working to close the gap in this year's funding! Join City Schoolyard Garden in making an investment in our children's future, and providing them with a foundation for leaning about health, nutrition, sustainability, and community. Click on the apple to donate or send a check to our address below. Thank you!

P.O. Box 5285, Charlottesville, VA 22905
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visit our website
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