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Financing adaptation

A new report from the University of Leeds, looks at how to improve access to finance mechanisms and maximise the contribution of adaptation actions to the local economy. The report finds that the mechanisms currently available to finance projects adapting infrastructure to climate change, like government capital grants, user charges, the public works loan board (PWLB), and grant funding, are under pressure both from cuts to public finance and challenges of accessing traditional private finance.

The research, initiated by ClimateXChange and other stakeholders,also sets out areas that need further research and explores where government interventions could remove barriers to finance.

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Comparing house energy efficiency interventions

Reducing the amount of energy used in Scottish homes is an important  part of transitioning to a low carbon economy.

This review of energy efficiency interventions includes regulations, schemes, support programmes, incentives and fiscal levers in other European countries, top performing American states and selected countries with relevant experience.

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Assessing the demand for electric vehicles

Where in Scotland is the greatest demand for electric vehicles?
This policy brief provides a spatial analysis of  electric vehicle sales in the UK, with a particular focus on Scotland, to evaluate how electric vehicle registrations differ across geographical areas.

The analysis shows that Scotland ranks ahead of Wales and Northern Ireland, with electric vehicles representing 0.05 of Scotland's total car fleet.

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Changes to wind driven rain
Developing adaptation indicator
In our suite of climate change adaptation indicators we are gathering data to develop the basis for indicators that do not currently have data available. One such indicator is the implications of future changes in wind and rain for the potential damage caused by wind driven rain.

There are small increases projected over the UK and Scotland for some measures of storminess but confidence in this projection remains low. However, year-on-year variability in storminess will remain high and over the next few decades this is likely to dominate over the effects of climate change. This has implications for existing building stock, and also for design in new construction. 
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CXC secretariat changes

CXC Manager Ragne Low has started a secondment with the Scottish Government’s Energy Division. She will be working at the Scottish Government three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

Sarah Govan will be acting CXC manager on the days Ragne is not in the office. Sarah can be contacted on

Ruth Monfries, our adaptation post doc based at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, will be helping out with knowledge exchange activities. She will be based with the Secretariat at ECCI one or two days per week. 

Can nature help reduce the impacts of climate change?
 A new report  by the European Environment Agency (EEA) explores how ‘green infrastructure’ can help Europe prepare for and reduce the loss from weather- and climate-related hazards.
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Breaking the tragedy of the horizon - climate change and financial stability
Access the speech by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney given at Lloyds in September
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Projections of future flood risk in the UK
A research report from the Adaptation Sub-Committee in preparation for their next climate change risk assessment.
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LWEC - Biodiversity report card
A summary of where observed changes are likely to have been caused by changes in the UK climate over recent decades, and assesses potential future impacts of climate change on biodiversity.
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Adapting Scotland's forests to climate change using an action expiration chart
This research addresses the lack of knowledge about climate impacts on ecosystem services at high spatial and temporal resolution limits when and what adaptation measures should be taken.
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Framework for climate conversations

We are commissioning a new study to develop and pilot a framework for a series of Climate Change Public Conversations.

The project is open to consortium bids.
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2020 Group
Scotland's 2020 Climate Group is looking for a Project Director
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Events @ECCI 
The Road to Paris: how Scottish communities are driving change
An evening reception celebrating the achievements of Scottish communities in taking local action to tackle climate change, with an opportunity to hear from Aileen McLeod MSP, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform on the forthcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
18 November, ECCI Edinburgh
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Paris 2015: Politics, Policies and Principles

A forum for academics, policy-makers, NGOs, journalists and students to discuss, inform, analyse and debate the issues under negotiation in Paris. Organised by the Political Studies Association (PSA) Specialist Groups on Environmental Politics and French Politics, and co-facilitated by CXC.
20 November, ECCI, Edinburgh
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Resilience of Scottish Infrastructure to a Changing Climate.  
A joint workshop with ARCC and UKCIP. A broad mix of stakeholders are invited to participate in the workshop, which will focus on identifying knowledge gaps and research needs.  
1 December, ECCI, Edinburgh
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Other events

Scottish Energy Seminar: can Scotland achieve its 100% renewables by 2020 target?
9 November, Edinburgh 
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World Forum on Natural Capital 2015
23-24 November, Edinburgh
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Flood Resilient Communities:
Evaluating the Defra Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder
2 December, London
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AIM Day: Risk and Resilience Edinburgh
27 January 2016, Edinburgh
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Climate Resilient Communities Conference
28 January 2016, Birmingham
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Flood & Coast 2016:
Risk, Resilience & Response to Climate Change
23-25 February 2016, Telford
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Adaptation Futures 2016
10-13 May 2016, Rotterdam
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