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Artist's Statement on the Current Exhibit:

My work reflects my thoughts as I make sense of the world around me.  It has become a collection of private notes...a symbolic journal that keeps my insights and discoveries alive and continues to release my sense of self.  It is all part of a process that continues to reveal fascinations beyond my limited consciousness.
To me, there is just something about the beauty of the human male figure which stimulates contemplation of life’s deepest mysteries and stories...a personal enlightenment.      

Jim Ferringer

Jim Ferringer Exhibit Opens December 3rd

We challenge you to find a more prolific creator of stunning male figurative art than Jim Ferringer. 

FLICKR fans know him as "Jimm150;" others may have seen his work on,, or his own blog site.   A talented photographer and digital manipulation artist, Jim blends photorealism with fantasy to preserve the beauty of his subjects while adding context unique to his own vision.  He has reached an enormous worldwide audience  from his home studio in Indiana and posted well over 1,500 male nude works online for public viewing.  His work is accessible and uniquely beautiful.

This exhibit, "
Enlightenment," features a selection of over two dozen signed, limited edition prints by the artist complemented by a video retrospective of favorite works.  

Please join us for a reception Saturday, December 3rd, from 6 to 9 pm, to meet this virtual superstar in the flesh.   



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