Bliss Sisters July 2011 Newsletter - Guided by Spirit
w e l c o m e from Bliss Sisters founder Michelle Larson

g u i d e d   b y   s p i r i t 

Nearly a year after my dear grandma died I was having my haircut. The woman cutting my hair was talking to a colleague in the next chair about her reading...I thought, "Reading? That sounds intriguing." The colleague went on and on about how blown away she was with the information that came through. So, of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I inquired about what they were discussing. Turns out my hairstylist was best friends with a man who is a psychic medium. She ranted and raved about his incredible gift. With freshly groomed locks and Bill Philipps' business card in hand, I went home and immediately made an appointment to see him.

I loved my grandma so much, and I was missing her terribly. During my deep meditations I would feel her with me. I would call on her and I could swear that she was there. This was so comforting, but also a bit perplexing. Was she really with me, or was it my longing to feel close to her making me imagine that she was? In my quiet conversations with her I would apologize for not calling her, or going to see her more often. She would always answer back, "It's ok sugar plum...everything is ok."

When Bill arrived at my home I was nervous and excited. I had no idea what to expect, but as his motto goes "expect the unexpected". The appointment was made through email and he specifically asked me to tell him nothing about myself other than my name and my address. My first impression of Bill was his calm and serene demeanor. He has a wonderful, sweet energy that is healing before he even says a word. We sat on my sofa, he held my hands and closed his eyes, within a few seconds he said, "There is woman here, she is older and she can't breathe. She died of emphysema. She loves you so much." Tears came to my eyes. I knew this was my grandma. He said, "She wants me to call you Micki." That was my nickname in the family, but only a few people still call me that. He went on, "She wants you to know that she heard you the last time her saw her, in the hospital. You couldn't tell if she could understand you, but she did." He began stroking his hair and then said, "she said thank you for doing this, and holding my hand and rubbing my feet." This is exactly what I was doing that last time I saw her. He said, "She wants you to know that she hears you when you talk to the ring in the bathroom." Now, I was startled and amazed. When my grandma died, I received her mother's ring. I keep the ring on my shelf over the sink in the bathroom. I pick it up and kiss it and talk to it, to feel close to her. More and more validation came through that she is indeed with me. Other spirits came through as well and gave me such gifts of validation and love. What a profound and meaningful experience.

What I know now is that we do not end. We are infinity. I know that I will go on after this life and be able to watch over my loved ones, and I will meet the ones I have lost on the other side. I am so blessed to have this knowledge, and I owe it all to Bill Philipps. I am forever grateful!

b i l l  
p h i l i p p s

Last week we had the pleasure of having Bill Philipps do a gallery reading for the Bliss Sisters. We all gathered in my living room as he guided us in a beautiful meditation to call in the ones we love. He followed with messages from Spirit, giving the ladies some evidential information and validations that their loved ones are near.

Bill's life mission is to help people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through messages from Spirit which heal and bring a sense of peace. To learn more about Bill visit his website:

next bliss sisters meeting: july 13
Our next meeting will be held at Michelle's home on Wednesday, July 13 at 7pm. The topic is: An Action Plan for All You Want. This meeting will be taught by our own Bliss Sister, Monica Peace. Monica is so inspiring! As a successful business woman, mom and motivational speaker, she knows how to have a fulfilling and balanced life, and she will share with us how to take action to accomplish this for ourselves. Don't forget to bring your journal.

Until then...follow your bliss to wherever that leads.


"Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear."
~ Unknown

Living Proof Book by Lisa Nichols

bliss book of the month

The Book of Awakening
Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have
Author: Mark Nepo

This book is meant to be of use, to be a companion, a soul friend. It is a book of awakenings. To write this I've had to live it. It's given me a chance to gather and share the quiet teachers I've met throughout my life. The journey of the unearthing and shaping these entries has helped me bring my inner and outer life more closely together. It has helped me to know and use my heart. It has made me more whole. I hope it can be such a tool for you. ~ Mark Nepo

I personally read the daily spiritual inspirations in this book each night before I fall asleep. It is a wonderful way to end my day with peace and well-being in my heart. (I know Oprah uses it too!) ~ Michelle Larson


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