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Winter 2013/14 Newsletter

Welcome... the Chichester Canoe Club Newsletter


It seems a little while ago, but if we've not paddled with you yet in 2014 - happy new year!! I hope you enjoyed our newsletter which went out in December last year and we come to you again with our Winter edition. We've included trip round-ups, stories from club members and some very exciting news!! Mainly though we're sharing a few of the highlights from the antics of Chichester Canoe Club and plans to come which you'd be most welcome to get involved with. If anything sparks interest, you'd like more information or you'd like to contribute something to our next edition we'd be happy to hear from you.
Please don't hesitate to contact Clare with any queries.

We hope you enjoy the read...


We're very happy to announce the new venue and home for CCC for our Friday night sessions will be at

                             Chichester Yacht Club.

A beautiful location, varied paddle options, great facilities and so in conclusion a wonderful new chapter in the club history. We're all really looking forward to being based at the yacht club for 2014 and we look forward to paddling and seeing you there to. 

A massive thank you goes to Christine, Steve, Alex and all those involved in making this happen for all members of the club to enjoy and access.

Please follow this link to for information and directions to our new home.

Chichester Canoe Club Christmas: 13th December 2013

The club Christmas party was held at the Crown and Anchor at Sidlesham. The expert organisation skills of Laura Newport ensured a great evening was had by all. Lovely food was served and enjoyed, with only a few people managing the final challenge of a mince pie (or two) with their tea or coffee.

A raffle to end all raffles took place during the evening too. If you were fortunate with your numbers, seasoned logs, veg boxes, kayak accessories (a very handy dry bag, thank you very much!), warm pie and many other goodies were possible to be claimed.

A great way to kick start the festive season.


Synchronised Club Paddle - from Amberley to Arundel: January 2014

It's always a relief when you launch from the Houghton bridge and realise you've read the tide timetable correctly and this time was no different. We'd also been able to get the wind behind us as well, bonus!! It was a great paddle, a good laugh, a few antics and we truly felt a team...a synchronised one at that!!
The photos below prove it too...mamba – tick, dry-suit – tick, beanie – tick, smiles – tick!

It's always great to get out on local water and finish the day with a finely executed hot chocolate, this time at the Black Rabbit.


Dartmoor White Water: February 2014, by Leon Payne

Attended by: Roy Osborne, Leon Payne, Christine Howard, Jack Whittle, Torie Morley, Steve Granger, Andrew Miles, Jack Glynn, Paul Crockford, Laura Newport, Clare Parker, Wendy Payne, Jeff Goddard, John Goddard, Robert Hylands, Laura Howell, Mark Diggles, Nick Peacock, Simon Ablett.

The weekend started with an interesting drive down in torrential rain and inky darkness on the Friday evening. Nerves, and excitement for some, were running high as rivers were getting higher and higher. Our accommodation for the weekend was Whiteworks Bunkhouse. A hidden away eco house set up. The accommodation was, to put it nicely, basic and in need of a few cosmetic updates. But as soon as the fires were lit and the house full of paddler, minds were easily distracted from the rural feel of the house.

Saturday morning brought a new day, clear, crisp and a fresh white dusting of snow all around. This made getting all the cars out and kit ready a bit longer but we were away and ready to hit the water at a good time. The river for the day was the Lower Tavy running from Tavistock. The large group split down into three peer groups headed up by, Roy, Paul and I. With the addition of a coached group led by Simon Ablett of Live2Flow. Levels had receded and excitement was running high as everyone embarked onto the water.

The river trip ran smoothly and everyone was on top form. A couple of swims were had but nothing that couldn’t be laughed off. As peer groups played on the river and assisted when needed the coached group were looking stronger and stronger by the hour. Towards the end of the river energy levels were running low which led to a slightly interesting get out from the river for some. Everyone got off the river with big smiles and exchanging stories of the river. A handful of paddlers just hadn’t had enough for the day so nipped off to run the middle Tavy. Levels had been dropping throughout the day and this run turned into an interesting pinball themed run, bouncing every rock possible on the river bed. This resulted in an interesting face boof combat roll by Jack G, who was pushed by the river but loved every second of it. To conclude the day off paddling CCC filled the local pub and had a great meal with further exchanges of stories of the river.


Sunday saw CCC head to The Loop section of the River Dart. The groups stayed mostly the same with a few swapping between peer groups and the addition of Nick who could unfortunately only make it down for one day. The day started for some with a nice little hike up the river so they could paddle a few drops higher up the river. The coached group were looking unstoppable at this point so some peer groups headed down river and split for the day. The river was a nice level being high enough to avoid scrapes but low enough that everything wasn’t scary and huge. All groups had a great morning conquering the loop, drop by drop. Lower down the river the triple drop section of the Loop claimed a few victims. Commencing with a few of the peer paddlers taking some pushy lines which resulted in a few well-placed rolls. But the action started when the coached group arrived, everyone had progressed so much that day and everyone was paddling great, the problem is that it was the afternoon of the second day and energy levels were running a bit low. Unfortunately Jack W took a swim and an inconsiderate rock decided to connect with his face. Jack was fine just a bit dazed and tired from the day of paddling, but this is where Rob Hylands went into hero mode. He helped Jack W by carrying/dragging/any way possible their boats over a km to the nearest road whilst looking after Jack. The others all made it down to the get off where everyone was reunited again. The weekend was over and Monday morning was looming so swift exits were made by most, but a great weekend paddling always makes Monday a little easier.


Great Glen Paddle Training
If you've been down at the canal recently (Chichester, Basingstoke) or any longer stretch of water for that matter, you may have come across Roy and/or Simon.They are, as team Live2flow, competing in the Great Glen Paddle, and are therefore training hard. The Great Glen Paddle is an endurance paddle covering 57 miles in 12-16 hours. You can read more about it, find out how to sponsor them and support the work of Cancer Research and see the photos in Simons blog post, if you following this link.

We are wishing Roy and Simon all the very best in their challenge!!


Pool Session Round Up: by Paul Crockford

As the nights become lighter it's a sure sign that spring is on its way; and that the pool sessions are coming to a close. This year has seen a number of people progress with their unique rolling skills : Steve 'punt' Granger, John ' C to C 'Goddard, Tom Burgess, Joe Parkinson and Laura ' Pawlata Newport, to name a few.
Other activities involved slalom, polo, relays and balance exercises. All in all a successful few months. I look forward to seeing your new skills been put into practice on the open waters!

Club Activities...

Every Wednesday
Meet at the Canal Basin at 6pm for an hours fitness session. Better than being in the gym!!

Weekend Paddles
Peer paddles, keep an eye out for emails for local peer paddles - often followed by a hot chocolate at the pub!

What's Next..

Thoughout March: 2* Training and Assessment
16th March: Pool Session
27th March: AGM

More details can be seen at 

Specific emails for trips will be sent out to members by the trip organisers. If you have any questions please feel free to email the committee via the website above.

In other Club news...

AGM - Thursday 27th March

Get your voice heard, vote on the future and hear the news first!! The AGM this year is being held at our wonderful new facilities at Chichester Yacht Club. Committee positions will be voted on and we will have Andy Hall with us as guest speaker. Put the date in your diary, let Clare know you're coming and we'll look forward to seeing you there:

Date - Thursday 27th March 2014
Time - 7pm
Venue - Chichester Yacht Club: Quarter Deck

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