Exclusive Interview! Robo1 aka Rex spills all.
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Exclusive Interview with Robo 1:

Robo 1, the first robot of the Robo series, telling you his story.

Do you have a name besides Robo 1?
"My serial number is RX-01, and I was the first one to be created at the lab, so many at the lab refer me as Robo1, but I like to go with Rex after Tyrannosaurs Rex, because I am actually designed to be 300 times physically stronger than human."

Ok, Rex, what did you have for breakfast?
"Coal and Water. No, haha, I am just kidding. I am 100% electronically powered, not a steam engine. I have been reading about steampunk a lot lately, so its on my mind. I go to the re-charging chamber every night, but I can go 60 days without recharging. Also, my body generates electricity from light and my kinetic movements. "

So, do you ever need unwind?
"C'mon, you need to drop the old stereotype about robots. We are not all workaholics, though we are very efficient. I am a fun loving being, you know what I am saying?  I like to dance."

Where do you dance?
“Everywhere! Hallways of the space station, inside of the landing vehicle. Even in my recharging chamber, even though I can only move my shoulders in there."

Rex, thank you for the interview. Last question, what is your motto?
"Enjoy life to the fullest."


Looking for  a cool Armory satellite show?

No 1. Go to the Fountain Art Fair.
69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Ave @ 25th Street 
New York, NY 10010 

No 2. Look for Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art booth.

No3. Find my match box painting and another piece

Opening Night - March 9th 7-11pm
Sat/Sun, March 10th & 11th 1-7pm 

Upcoming solo show in Park Slope!!

I am making new works for this upcoming show in Park Slope!
Park Slope Eye682 Union St., Brooklyn, will be hosting my show in June.
Come to see my new pieces. Stay tuned for more detail.

Here is the latest piece I made for the show. 
acylic on paper, 4.5" x 6.5" 

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