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Why self report on supermarket visits are not representing buying intentions
Dr. Stephen Sands, of Sands Research, talked at the Neuromarketing World Forum about the results of his teams research on consumer behavior in supermarkets. The research involved using a mobile EEG technique in combination with eye tracking in a real supermarket environment. Sands' research illustrates the flaws in self reported buying intentions, demonstrating that people aren't as focused on the one product
they need as they claim. Watch the full video here to learn what brands should do to seduce consumers in a supermarket environment.
Job Board on Neuromarketing
In the near future the NMSBA will launch a job board for the field of neuromarketing. If you have any requests regarding its functionality, or other special ideas, please contact us at:
Local Chair Candidates
The NMSBA has local chairs in 23 countries already (see the full list here). Is your region not represented yet? Consider becoming a local chair candidate. The elections for the non-represented countries are planned for January 2013. Candidate’s profiles will be published as soon as we have verified that they match the local chair requirements. From that point on candidates are part of the group of local chairs and may contribute to their regions local chair activities as a group until next year’s elections. Interested in running for a local chair position for your country? Fill out your bio profile here.
#Neuromarketing (neuromarketing insights from Twitter)
Not so into the 140-Character Updates? To keep you in the loop we will distribute some articles that went viral lately. The content of the articles does not reflect the views or opinions of the NMSBA, and it is not our purpose to make a statement with the selection of the articles. This ranking is based on popularity only.

Read the "Neuromarketing-Twitter hits" below:

Neuromarketing applied to Web design: 10 techniques of persuasion

This article reviews 10 techniques for applying neuromarketing Web design, taken from a presentation by Victor Puig called "It's not what you say it's how you say it."

Read more in Spanish or Broken-Google-English

Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile scanning

Arek Stopczynski from Technical University of Denmark talks us through this innovative breakthrough product that works by connecting a commercially available wireless 14-channel EEG headset to a smartphone.

Watch the video.

Seduce the brain with intelligence

A general column on neuromarketing written by Roberto Álvarez Del Blanco in the Argentinean blog Rio Negro.

Read more in Spanish or Broken-Google-English 

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