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Insights on Long Term Memory
During his talk at the Neuromarketing World Forum, Prof. Richard Silbersteinaddressed the topic of consumers long term memory. Prof. Silberstein noted that certain activity bouncing between the left and right frontal lobes reflect rejection or acceptance, and advertising effectiveness is correlated with the level of long term memory encoding at the time of key message and branding presentation. This insight can be used to optimize branded content. 
Watch the full talk here

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5 day business course on the application of Neuromarketing
Are you interested in a 5 day business course on the application of Neuromarketing to your daily business? We are planning to organize one in the autumn of this year. Please express your interest by replying to this account, we're always interested to hear about your needs and ideas.

#Neuromarketing (neuromarketing insights from Twitter)
Not so into the 140-Character Updates? To keep you in the loop we will distribute some articles that went viral lately. The content of the articles does not reflect the views or opinions of the NMSBA, and it is not  our purpose to make a statement with the selection of the articles. This ranking is based on popularity only.

#1 Applying insights from Neuromarketing to Web Texts
 (in Dutch, click for a broken English translation here)
Application of neuromarketing insights into pushing your webconversion

#2 Demystifying Neuromarketing
Focus brought together some of the industry experts to explain what neuromarketing is and what it isn't. They busted some of the myths surrounding the industry as well as highlight how brands are using this technology to make better marketing decisions. Click on the link to listen to the 50-minute audio file.

#3 Conversion Lessons from a Busty Bloodsucker
How priming men with female imagery works well with a call for action

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