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Introducing the new Board of Directors
The NMSBA Members from 34 different countries just finished the Board elections, and have voted the following people in the NMSBA Board of Directors for the term 2012-2015: 
  • Richard Silberstein (president)
  • Gemma Calvert
  • Christophe Morin
  • Martin de Munnik
  • Rafal Ohme
The Board will be supporting the NMSBA and providing direction to the association. We would like to express our appreciation to the Interim Board members for their support and involvement during the startup phase of our association. We are convinced the new Board can help to take our young association to the next level. 
#Neuromarketing (neuromarketing insights from Twitter)
Not so into the 140-letter words? We will distribute here some articles that went viral lately. This ranking is based on popularity only. The content of the articles is outside the responsibility of the NMSBA, nor is it our purpose to make a statement with the selection of the articles.

#1 The importance of 'neuromarketing' for effective advertising (in Spanish, click for English translation here)
#2 Harvard Lesson: Verbs Beat Adjectives
#3 Color-coding, rearranging food products improves healthy choices in hospital cafeteria
NMSBA LinkedIn Group 
NMSBA Members are invited subscribe to the private NMSBA LinkedIn group. A NMSBA logo will appear on their LinkedIn profile. Within the group members can discuss about the field, as well as respond to recent affairs and/or bring up association-related issues. Click here to become a member of the NMSBA LinkedIn group (NMSBA Members only).
Neuromarketing World Forum Video
A short promo video for our association is created, based on our experiences during the Neuromarketing World Forum. You can find it on our homepage:

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