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Applying neuromarketing to improve business results
Neuromarketing pioneer Patrick Renvoise talked very colorfully about the importance of visual stimulation as it relates to the reptilian brain's influence on consumer spending habits at the Neuromarketing World Forum. He highlighted the importance of six stimuli when creating ads: self-centric , visual, contrast, tangible, emotion andbeginning and end. He explained them in the context of the reptilian brain. His presentation showed a number of real ads to explain the value of the stimuli for business marketing. To conclude, he translated the effects of the six stimuli into four business steps for successful marketing. 

Watch the full video here to learn what you can do to improve your ads.
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Not so into the 140-Character Updates? To keep you in the loop we will distribute some articles that went viral lately. The content of the articles does not reflect the views or opinions of the NMSBA, and it is not our purpose to make a statement with the selection of the articles. This ranking is based on popularity only.

Read the "Neuromarketing-Twitter hits" below:

What Neuroscience Tells Us About Consumer Desire

It's easy for businesses to keep track of what we buy, but harder to figure out why. Uma R. Karmarkar explains how raw brain data is helping researchers unlock the mysteries of consumer choice.

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Neuromarketing Applied to Your Menu

The catering sector should exploit its potential to increase sales and loyalty by targeting those in search of a new experience. New ways of delivering the same need satisfaction, that isgastronomic marketing. This article is focused on the application of neuromarketing insights in this industry.

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Predicting Weight Gain Using Brain Scans

Dartmouth scientists have found that functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans may be able to predict weight gain. In a study published April 18 2012 in The Journal of Neuroscience, the researchers demonstrated a connection between fMRI brain responses to appetite-driven cues and future behavior.
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