A list of our forthcoming titles, February-May 2017. Check our website for more details-- or contact our Director of Outreach, Steve Fake:
Cond. Crit., cover
Coming February 7: Physician-activist Alice Rothchild's searing and intimate eyewitness account of the public-health consequences of Israel's nearly fifty-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza: Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine. Paperback $19.99.
Coming April 4: One of our blockbusters for the season leading up the 50th anniversary of Israel's occupation: This poignant reflection-cum-memoir from Ha'aretz columnist Larry Derfner: No Country for Jewish Liberals. Derfner still loves the country he immigrated to back in the 1970s. But he feels its values rapidly slipping away from his own: Here, he writes intimately and with deep anguish about what he sees happening there. Hardcover $26.95.
Coming May 2: Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh's edgy and brilliantly drawn images never flinch from tackling the tough subjects that confront Palestinians in his home-city of Ramallah or elsewhere, and have have brought him at least one term of detention without trial. He has a broad international following via his association with the Cartoon Movement website. White & Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine is his first book-- and we are proud to publish it! Paperback, 10"x8", $19.95.
Coming May 15: The visionary social/religious activist Rabbi Brant Rosen has been "wrestling in the daylight" of the public space on his "Shalom Rav" blog for several years. When we published the first edition of Wrestling in the Daylight: A Rabbi's Path to Palestinian Solidarity in late 2012, Rosen thought he could still keep his job as head of a large, "mainstream" U.S. synagogue while being a strong advocate for the equal humanity and equal rights for Palestinians. Events proved him wrong on that. This crackling new edition of the book brings the story up to date. Paperback $19.95.
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