Palestinian-Brit expert Azzam Tamimi joined our latest podcast. Josh Ruebner analyzes the UN report on Gaza on our blog. WRMEA conference... & a note from Algeria!
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Please stay well in these troubled times, when demonization and hate are so rampant... and therefore, learning and sharing the truth about what's happening in the world is more important than ever.

We have continued to produce and share some great new educational resources on Gaza in the run-up to the first anniversary of the Gaza-based Great March of Return (GMR), coming up March 30.

The most recent column in my ongoing "Story/Backstory" project, "Gaza the crucible", was published on Mondoweiss last Wednesday. It explored the key role that Gaza played in incubating the two big Palestinian nationalist movements of recent times, Fateh and Hamas-- and asked whether the GMR movement might be the third one!
NEWSFLASH! If you're in Washington & could help at our table at the WRMEA conference on Friday, pro-bono or paid, please contact us asap!

Then, in the expanded podcast version of the story, my guest was the British-Palestinian author and activist Dr. Azzam Tamimi, who shared his fascinating analysis of the GMR-- including, of the relationship he saw between its two main goals of (1) ending the siege of Gaza and (2) implementing the Palestinians' Right of Return.

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Learn more about the whole "Story/Backstory" project, and access all of the earlier columns and podcasts in the series, here.

And that's not all we have that's new and timely!

This past week, on our blog, we also had author and Palestinian-rights expert Josh Ruebner analyzing the sober but hard-hitting report the UN Human Rights Council issued recently, on the Israeli military's super-lethal response to the GMR.

Between March and December of last year, they killed 189 participants in the GMR movement's series of weekly nonviolent protests, and wounded many thousands more.

In the blog post, Ruebner asked whether Israel would be held accountable in any way for the war crimes and crimes against humanity its soldiers may have committed. He concluded it was "impossible" to believe that the Trump administration would take any steps to do so. But, he noted,

action could and should now be taken by Congress to investigate whether Israel used US-manufactured weapons to commit these war crimes in violation of US laws, and to sanction Israel if it did so, as required by the Leahy Law, Arms Export Control Act, and Foreign Assistance Act.

We'll be making copies of Ruebner's article available at the table we'll have at the "Israel Lobby and American Policy" conference coming up this Friday in Washington DC. It's a very timely gathering, since the massive annual confab of the increasingly controversial mega-lobby, AIPAC, will open just down the street from there-- next Sunday!

At our table on Friday, we will also have the updated version of factsheet "Understanding Gaza and Hamas" and numerous other great Gaza-related materials.

Do check back frequently with our blog or our Twitter or Facebook feed to learn about this week's episodes in the "Story/Backstory" project and all the other things we're doing.

Finally, I just want to share this lovely, historic photo taken at one of the massive pro-reform street protests in Algiers. It shows our good friend the Algerian national-liberation heroine Zohra Drif (Bitat) taking part in the protest along with her daughter Djemila (in blue shirt) and her grand-daughter Naila (at left.)

In Fall 2017, we were deeply honored to be able to bring Mme. Drif to the United States to share her stories of the national-liberation struggle with a new generation of scholars and anti-imperialist rights activists in this country. Some of her most stirring tales were of the women's demonstrations she helped organize against the French colonial occupiers back in the 1950s (before she was arrested.)

So here she has been again, on the streets with the new generations...

We had hoped to bring her back to the U.S. this spring to do another speaking tour, this time in the west coast. However, in the circumstances, she said she prefers to stay in Algiers, where doubtless her counsel as a senior former FLN moudjahida who is also a former vice-president of the country's Senate is much valued.

As of now, plans to re-schedule her visit for the Fall are uncertain. But we're hoping to record a new interview with her soon! Stay tuned.

Here's to safety from hate, enjoyment of basic rights, and national liberation for all the world's peoples.

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