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ACH Group busting ageing stereotypes

We are delighted to welcome new client ACH Group, which is one of South Australia's leading aged care organisations. We've already worked with ACH to deliver Wisdom at the Airport  which saw six local identities (including Former Premier Lynn Arnold and Lieutenant Governor Professor Brenda Wilson)  joined by more than 70 members of the ACH Group Sing for Joy Choir to bust stereotypes around ageing. The event was a big hit and attracted interest from Channel 10, Channel 9, ABC radio and The Advertiser. You can see all the action on the ACH Group Facebook page.
Throughout August we are also involved in a different artistic pursuit with ACH Group, which has opened its SALA Art Exhibition at our  purpose built gallery ‘The Space Between’ (adjacent our office at Level 1, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide). More than 45 pieces of art created by ACH Group clients who participate in the organisation’s arts programs are on display, with each piece depicting the theme ‘Love: Give, Share, Celebrate.’ The exhibition was opened by the Hon John Hill, who is both Chair of SALA and a Board Director at ACH Group. You are welcome to visit The Space Between during August and enjoy the artworks on display.  Full details are available here.

Fairmont Group merges land divisions to form Fairland

The Fairmont Group has paved the way for future growth in its land development division by amalgamating its South Australian and Queensland land entities to form “Fairland”. Previously, RealtySA managed the Group’s land developments in SA, while Fairmont Group QLD was responsible for the company’s land developments in Queensland.
Hughes was pleased to provide support to the Fairmont Group to announce the restructure of its land division, helping guide communications to key stakeholders across South Australia and Queensland, including media. For more information about Fairland, visit the website here

Five ways to increase reach to your Facebook audience

Here are five things you can do today to make sure your content is communicated as effectively and efficiently as possible on Facebook:
1. Upload your videos natively to Facebook, rather than linking to YouTube or Vimeo. When you upload your video natively, it starts to autoplay when Facebook users are scrolling down their newsfeeds, catching their attention and drawing them in to watch. No clicks required!
2. When uploading a video to Facebook, add subtitles. Facebook’s autoplay feature plays video without sound. If a Facebook user doesn’t want to activate the sound of the video, make sure you still get your message across by adding subtitles (closed captions) to the video.
3. Use visuals on every post. Whether it’s a photograph, a video, a slideshow or an image added to a link preview, make sure there is a visual element to your post. A “status update” with no visual, or a link with no visual preview, will not engage users as effectively. If you can’t find a photograph, use a site like LibreStock to find an image or better yet – engage a photographer to create a library for you!
4. Find out when your users are most active online. Head to the Insights section of your business page and click “posts” on the left hand side of the page. Here you’ll see what time of day your Facebook audience is active on the site – and when you scroll over each day, it will show you the difference day by day. Schedule your Facebook content to coincide with a time when most of your Facebook audience are active. To schedule content in advance, click the dropdown arrow next to “publish” in the update box and choose “schedule” instead of publish.
5. Optimise your graphics for the Facebook experience, particularly mobile users. Engage a graphic designer to create Facebook-specific graphics promoting products, events and services. By creating Facebook-specific graphics for your organisation’s Facebook page, you are telling your Facebook audience that you are committed to communicating with them in a format that is optimal to their experience.
Hughes can assist you with Facebook strategy and implementation to ensure you’re communicating effectively. Contact us to find out more.

Shaping SA alliance reunites 

The Shaping the Future of SA program engages business, government, academic and community leaders to map initiatives that will help cement the economic prosperity of the State. This year, ‘Ageing Well’ has been identified as a critical driver of economic prosperity and as such will be the focus of the four-week intensive series that rolls out over August.
Hughes is providing media relations and video support to the program's key partners BankSA, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), Flinders University, KPMG, the South Australian Government, Telstra and RDNS (the SilverChain Group). Workshops, think-tanks and live-streamed discussions will be held throughout August before a paper of recommendation is presented to the Economic Development Board. View this short video  where Dr Kate Barnett  (from the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute at Flinders University) discusses the 'mature economy' and how older South Australians can provide much more than just experience.  

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