This week: notes on books, laughter, ladders, music, and more...

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It's Friday!

Last week we were on a power journey. Still so much to explore.

The guide is a leading character in the power of rituals. So this week I'm suggesting some experienced guides.

I've explored two angels: 1./ why we need more of the right kind of books; and 2./ the story of high performance.

Plus, some levity on laughter, love for sustainable design, an example of the evolving dynamics of work, and a tour of what creates long term impact. 
Let's take a giro... and enjoy it.

Quarto Oggiano in Milano has a new square to play.
A collaboration of Quadra and Serena Confalonieri.
They co-created with students and parents
on the design and the realization.



Here are 12 things I thought were worth sharing this week:
  1. Why we need more of the right kind of books. Where I make the case for some of my favorite thinkers to write and publish. A special aside on the value of trustworthiness.
  2. I've been paying more attention to humor. Laughter evolved from a play-specific vocalization into a sophisticated pragmatic signal (paper). Also why we laugh
  3. "The trouble with ladders is that they give you no room to move around. Just room to fall." 
  4. I have a few thoughts on the UK Design Council systemic design approach to change report. Here's the direct link to the PDF. Measuring value is still wonky. Hence the automatic conversion of everything into money. This leads to a misunderstanding of how to allow resources to replenish. Natural - listening and observing how nature regenerates. This is worth "leaning into." AND human - rest, reflection, recovery, refueling, reinvention.
  5. I've written the story of high performance. Here's the direct link to the podcast with Jonny Wilkinson. One of the most profound conversations on exploring life and potential I've ever heard.
  6. Related. I've stumbled upon a great essay by Sonja Blignaut that explains why it's informal networks that facilitate critical flows in companies. Human systems don't have the freedom to evolve their design. Why not?
  7. Or as Winston Churchill said: "We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us." Structures are buildings. Mr. Churchill on the distinction between story and narrative.
  8. I've come across a good think-through piece about the recent trouble at Basecamp. The psychological dynamics explain the "en masse' exodus.
  9. It's becoming more obvious when stated missions are in conflict with a company's business model.
  10. I've been thinking about how story creates continuity and long term impact. Alexander Rose is studying the world's longest organizations. This is the beginning of his research (the video is captivating). 
  11. The 5th stage of the Giro d'italic kicked off from Piazza Roma (Modena, my hometown) to Luciano Pavarotti‘s favorite aria.
  12. Physicist Carlo Rovelli: “In order to understand time, it is not enough to think of it from outside: it is necessary to understand that we, in every moment of our experience, are situated within time.”
A couple of views of Modena, starting city
on the 5th stage of Giro d'Italia 2021. 
The kick off had Luciano Pavarotti's favorite aria playing.

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