Taking the long view, the relationships between patience and energy and how the future exists across a spectrum.
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Hello there:

Depending on how long you've been at home, there's likely been a change in attitude.

As patience fades, energy gets lower. Cabin fever and, in some cases, depression and feeling lost and lonely set in.

The causes are uncertainty, lower supplies of your favorite foods — dark chocolate and wine for me — and lack of structure. Yes, even when you're used to working by yourself, "by choice" factors into the equation.

Financial pressures are increasing for most. You can only bake so much focaccia and cookies. There are only so many things you want to learn right now that can distract you from bigger questions.

You've gone from trimming your beard or shaving every other day to every week, from fancy tops during video calls to clean-ish shirts and jeans, then sweats, then t-shirts and PJ bottoms.

You can recite the lines with characters in your favorite franchise movies and have done the sing-along. Your wash has either been done, folded and put away daily or not at all for days thanks to the unlimited supply of t-shirts from long forgotten conferences and events.

Sleep more. Take 20-minute naps. Be kind with yourself and each other. Be gentle with your family and friends. Use the time to think about what matters.

Mute and delete toxic influences. If you're in the middle of changing closets (like me), set aside the stuff you never use and can give away later or get rid of it. Do something fun. (closets is my idea of fun)

Read some of the books in your library. Dine at candle light, very romantic — I find it relaxing. Turn off the tech. Make silence work for you.

The virus will peak, your patience could fade with your energy. Take good care of it.
Be prudent.* Stay safe. Be well.

* prudence is a virtue. It means looking to the long term for the common good.
Let 12-year old violinists Mirko and Valerio entertain you with their rendition of Coldplay's Viva la Vida.
Overheard: "If we all get fat, nobody will." Maybe this happens to you as well, to have an appetite for life when things get dicey. Could you have predicted that one?

It's easy to think about the future by focusing on emerging trends and reacting to them. The conversation often centers on adapting and responding to disruption or die. This is a very linear method that arks back to "fight or flight."

Looking only at what's coming our way reveals one version of the present in the future. It tells us nothing about the unpredictable and uncertain. Both are elusive, yet they're the rich terrain of the future we can create.

The way you see the future impacts what you do today. Be different. Thinking as you always thought is not going to work. Can you sense the nature of the future change? What patterns can you observe?

Explore health as an example. Take the health of a person and a population. It's a function of five variables. Healthcare is the first of these. The other four are: lifestyles, working conditions, (ecological) environment, and family. What are the values that support the emergence of a pattern related to health?

Once you identify the value, you learn why society could adopt it (even if it's not intentional) and what could happen next based on society's principles, beliefs and ideals. Then we can ask questions about the impact of what's developing on worldviews and actions.

Here are some scenarios developed by a group of smart people with Deloitte. Here's how the design of businesses and design of places can help via Design Council. Four possible futures by Simon Mair, Research Fellow in Ecological Economics, Center for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity.

Hofstede Insights has a tool you can use to compare cultural approaches along six dimensions: could you map the values to decision-making?

Talking action:

Pan out from the current worry, and you can become more effective in your communications. Here are some guides to get you talking in the right direction:
See what various advertisers and brands are doing:
  • World Federation of Advertisers COVID compendium for global marketers.
  • @steak_umm steps out on Twitter in a big way to remind us that in times of uncertainty and misinformation: anecdotes are not data. Here's another thread. Clearly, they're not frozen in place.
A volunteer-led initiative to spread the wealth and more open jobs:
  • leveler is a tool for people with job security to help people whose work status has been impacted by COVID-19. The list includes freelancers, service industry, and gig economy workers.
  • Science and research fields, including support roles.
Fast tracks for grants and PPP loans:
  • Fast Grants if you are a scientist at an academic institution currently working on a COVID-19 related project and in need of funding, we invite you to apply.
  • Divvy will help you through the small business loan application and get you funded in as little as 72 hours.

There's a "pay it forward" part in all of the above.
This is a health crisis. But it's also much more and demands a long view.

It's about leadership and governance for the kind of world we want to live in. It's not a test, but it's testing our ability to create civilization across the globe and our desire to solve problems together.

"It's much easier to be a hero than a good person.
You can be a hero once in a while;
good persons must be every day.”

Luigi Pirandello
1934 Nobel Prize in Literature for "his almost magical power to turn psychological analysis into good theater.

A quarantine from reality: Italian goes to America, son opens a bank, helps rebuild a community, a city, a state, and a country

Write like you mean it.

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