Checking-in, working through ambiguity and reconnecting with your "why."
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Hello there:

How are you holding up?

Checking in is a very simple—and compassionate way—to relate to one another. Chit-chat makes it easier to transition from preoccupations and fears, ground in the present conversation, and "see" each other as persons. As you organize your work from home and take video or phone calls, remember to check in first.

Depending on where you are in the world, you're likely on a curve—a learning curve. In a very short time span, we've rediscovered the power of relationships and how much we crave connection.
The scientific and medical communities are hard at work to help us flatten the health curve. Here's a treasure trove of what governments and individuals are doing/can do.

It's up to the rest of us to build what the new normal looks like. This amazing opportunity calls for resilience and working through ambiguity. This is history in the making. What resources do you have that we can apply to this new world? Digital marketers in Italy have been partnering with telecom providers and school teachers to create online curricula for students.

What tools are in your toolbox?

This week I'm sharing pragmatic resources to help you redeploy budgets and learn new ways to connect and create value. (see links below) But the most important question in the time of "social distancing" is how are we measuring value?

I'm working on launching two tangible initiatives in collaboration with super smart and compassionate people to support:
  1. Causes and co-ops with digital resources (apply if you need help; and also if you want to help)
  2. Companies at an inflection point (more on this soon)
I'm also connecting smart people in my networks who are working on things that support the global community with others already doing remarkable work to help people stay productive and create opportunity for all (new jobs are involved as well).

Time to reconnect with your "why"?

And now a fun intermezzo by the talented Italian fantasy researcher Diego Cusano. When I met Diego last fall in Modena, I praised him for his amazing ability to visualize feelings. Maybe you feel like the top image... maybe you see yourself in the one below.
(Diego does select brand partnerships.)

Getting in touch with your feelings is the path to emotional understanding. The circumstances we're going through are at the same time a terrible thing and an opportunity to reset.

Guides and operational kits:

Email Persuasion book. Sales and marketing veteran Ian Brodie is making his best selling book available for FREE download. (Dig in!)

Moz Academy is giving access to SEO education from now to May 31. (See instructions on how to redeem)

(Re)Focusing Your Demand Marketing Plan. A sensible approach and set of steps for B2B companies like healthcare, financial services, media and information, life sciences, and high growth tech companies. (From a superb team)

Scribe Media is giving away a free online course on book writing: how to write, publish, market, and own your book. (Writing what you're feeling / seeing / thinking helps release stress. Recommended even with pen and paper.)

I love makers and competent experts who are putting "all hands on deck" to help:
  • Give Local is helping support local restaurants during this trying time.
  • School Closures is providing guidance to parents while their children remain at home.
  • Komae App provides free support in coordinating secure cooperative childcare for healthcare workers and those working in critical jobs.
  • Startups all over the world doing their part to help.
  • Skift shifted the whole team of reporters and researchers to live-streaming travel news and advisories.
I'm in awe of the fast response by many communities and networks to support people looking for work:
  • Startups hiring (remote).
  • Marketing and technology jobs.1575 Remote Jobs From 100+ Companies Hiring Remotely in February 2020. More remote jobs here.
  • Careerlist is geared towards job seekers within enterprise companies, media, tech, and startups.
  • Reingold does the majority of its work with the U.S. government. Monitor this site for upcoming freelance/contractor support graphic design, animation, digital content, video editing. Bonus points for experience in mental health, telehealth, suicide prevention, lead gen, international and foreign aid and policy and pharma.
  • Still hiring. A site pulled together in a few days to connect people to jobs.
Finally, here's a comprehensive set of guidelines you can implement at home:
  • Best practices based on military and emergency response authorities related to chem, bio, radio and nuclear events.
There's a "pay it forward" part in all of the above.
It's notoriously difficult to make exact predictions. For one, because even in data analysis, we may suffer from disparity of context and input. However, we can hedge our bets by becoming smarter—as individuals and teams.

"When it comes to really great leadership you can’t plan
for what you don’t know. And so you’d better have more
clever people, more freedom to invent and experiment,
than you think you’ll ever need.”

Margaret Heffernan,
entrepreneur, CEO, writer

The Most Important Question: How do You Know?
Why the Little Decisions we Make Every Day are of Infinite Importance

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Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.
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