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Hello there:

At about 12:15pm, the day turned into night. Shortly after, everything went very quiet. Nobody came out of their homes. But you could tell people were worried.

Things are a bit tense around Philadelphia and in many parts of the U.S. right now. However, the opening doesn't describe the protests and unrest. I'm talking about the power outage that has affected a few hundred thousand homes after one of the most severe sudden storms I've seen in the last twenty years. It claimed a few deaths.

Winds were whipping, trees were falling, and down with them came the above-ground wires. It was not a serene moment. That's the exact moment you realize how dependent you've become on external sources of power.

So you do the only thing you can do: you fire up your generator, if you have one, and hook up your elderly neighbors before your laptop. Because that centers you on what's important. I used the day to reflect on the difference between winning and succeeding.

(also a good time to review the difference between power and status)
Leonardo Frigo is a 27-yer old Italian artist living in London.
What you see here is the result after 50 hours of work,
some of which he lived-streamed.
He did it to collect funds for Bergamo's #RedCross
Dane Inferno is a multi-art project he's been working on
for more than 3 years.

Perspective is another way of saying point of view. Everyone has a story. How it develops depends on a number of things, but context plays a large role in where you end up.
  • Take for example what an analyst could write to make sense of what's happening. Dust in the light gives you some historical and geographical perspective to consider.
Research and analysis help see the finer points. The closer to self-evident facts, the more powerful.
  • Read about the experience of a marketer who notices a gap between message and action. You get a sense of what happens when the reference points are too narrow.
You are not the person who could need and want your help.

This relates to more than just what you write and say. It's also about what you see vs. what is visible to others.

Speakers have always known that there's a big difference between what people see happening on stage, and what the people on stage see. (Spotlights tend to hide the tape marks on the floor, the prompts, and all the other "back stage" stuff.)

There's always more to it than meets the eye. It takes courage to widen your perspective.

Inviting change means shifting to a larger viewing point—critical if you want to move to higher ground.

Reference points:

Alignment is critical in my work. Which is why I talk more about stance and perspective than brand strategy and good marketing (though I can and do help companies with both).

Point of view depends on reference points, too.

Take at face value or challenge the premise?
  • A product example: Zoom doesn't explain why end-to-end encryption is only available to paying customers.
Your contracts are marketing, your customer service calls are marketing, your hiring practices are marketing... I could continue. More than what you say, your brand is what you do. You have the power, regardless of what happens externally.
A shorter letter this week. Because I took more time to walk, reflect and find a moment of peace. To help ground me, so I can help you.

It takes courage to change your perspective, to examine which beliefs and practices work for you. Some companies are doing the work to find out. Then the words can work again. That's how you get to honest math.

What's your moment of peace?

I'm a citizen of the world. I'm a third Jamaican,
a third English and a third Italian
and am proud of this

- Fiona May,
British-born (retired) Italian track and field athlete (long jump);
won the World Championships twice and 2 Olympic silver medals.
Protagonist of Butta la luna, a miniseries about racism and social integration.

How we measure impact is, mostly, wrong
Working to build together: words are not enough

How enemies make better allies than frenemies
21 books worth reading

I ground all my sites here.
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Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.
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