Have you really read this? 💎 Laughing and how humor is serious business. Do you know what you don't know?
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This week Twitter came up with something I've wanted for everything that gets shared online (and by email) since the beginning: Have you really read this? The first person to retweet the message was an editor on my Italian style list. Editors know reading.

Think of the possibilities!

We could make it a pop quiz game about the content with prizes. A new incentive in marketing campaigns? But also important media articles. Before casting a vote in a poll. Ahead of writing a comment likely based just on a title, or even just a keyword that got you.

Could that help think more, react less?

Another idea for that is to interrupt a heated exchange by telling a story that has nothing to do with the topic. Alfred Hitchcock did that, because he distrusted working under pressure. Stark contrasts have a way of reengaging your manual pilot. Good things come when you're more present.

Comedian John Cleese says putting off a decision helps you become more creative. So there are side benefits with not retweeting, sharing, or replying right away to that tweet in your stream.

We've long known that play is more than just fun. I know it's hard to feel playful when there is so much intensity in what's going on right now. Yet, play helps get into creative mode... and the world needs more creative expressions, ideas and solutions. It's nearly the weekend—and you could use a good laugh.

That is next.
Elena Rossini is an Italian film director, producer and editor.
The Illusionists is her most notable film.
It's a feature-length documentary about consumer culture
and the marketing of unattainable beauty ideals
around the world.
Elena has been writing a series on women who were film pioneers.

Laughing is a way of talking. Babies start laughing at 3 months. Many of our assumptions about laughter are incorrect, and there's more to laughter than meets the eye. Why laugh?

You laugh for a lot of different reasons:
  • when something is funny, like a joke
  • when something surprises us, like a gorgeous Sandra Bullock slipping on her heels in Miss Congeniality (original is better than II)
  • when someone else laughs
  • when someone tickles you, and even...
  • when you're nervous or scared, because it has a calming effect (ever seen a speaker get on stage and laugh?)
You're also more likely to laugh when you're in a group, so it has a wonderful social bonding quality.

Regardless of the reason, laughter in good for you. It helps you relax, helps you breathe deeply and get your heart and lungs going. Laughing helps ease pain and reinforces your immune system.

(This week, I've taken a look at how humor is serious business. I've also written about things that are no laughing matter. See links at the bottom.)


The power of language. The power of mindset.
  • It's hard to pin-point exactly how our work will change, as we're in the process of creating what is next. But problem solving and solid thinking are not going to go out of demand any time soon.
  • You can have a service mindset even when you're a product company. Decide to celebrate the right things,
The power of culture. The power of longevity.
This past week was my mother's birthday. We celebrated on Skype with a glass of Prosecco and a side of belly laughs—before and after the toast.

Next thing you know, she's flattered me into thinking about doing stand up. Then again, I'd want her as a side-kick.

When you laugh, you let yourself go,
you're naked, you reveal yourself.
You see a little of the soul of a person who laughs."

- Roberto Benigni,
actor, comedian, screenwriter and director

Creativity is a way of operating in open mode
What worries you the most that is not getting enough attention?

3 books on business culture for your summer reading list
Three books with a sense of humor for serious leaders

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