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See you in May, New York!

It’s been too long, New York. We miss your app ideas and your weird summertime trash smells. We're coming back from May 15-17 to throw Comedy Hack Day 8 and want to see you.

1. If you want to participate fill out the application.
2. If you want to attend the demos stay tuned to this list.

Announcing CHDx

Today we’re announcing CHDx, your opportunity to organize and run your very own Comedy Hack Day, anywhere in the world.

We've had so much fun organizing these events for the past few years and are ready to take the doors off this Jeep, or something like that.

So, if you’re interested in running a CHDx in your city and think you have the email skills to make it happen, please fill out our application and we'll get back to you with a sweet GIF. We'll also get back to you about running the event.


Things we’re digging

    The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Tina Fey’s Netflix series hasn’t disappointed. Ellie Kemper crushes the title role, Martin Short has a world class cameo, and Brian can vouch that all the Indiana jokes are legit.

    Phosphorescent - Live at the Music Hall: We like music. Lots of it plays in our office and in our headphones every week. Over the past few weeks, no music has been playing more frequently than this music.

    The House on Coco Road - Grenada Documentary: Love the Caribbean? Revolutions? MOMS?! We do! That’s why we're supporting Damani Baker’s new kickstarter. He did the stellar Bill Withers documentary, “Still Bill,” and now he’s doing this.

    Florida Man: If you watch any documentary about Florida this year, this should be it. And while you're at it, also check out another film by Sean Dunne, Oxyana.

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