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Comedy Hack Day 7 is a wrap!

The winner was WellDeserved, a marketplace for unearned entitlements such as free lunch for a guest at Google, unused dental insurance, and the ability to walk down a street without being harassed.

Our runner-up was Screenshop, who took on one of the most important issues of our time: low battery life in screenshots. With Screenshop users can modify their screenshots to bump their battery indicator to full, switch carriers from MetroPCS to something higher end, or boost their signal strength from 3G up to 4G, 7G, or Warren G.

Our other finalists were: 

Debateabot, a product that ingested speeches, tweets, and writings from famous people across time, generated bots based on how their communication style, and then let you chat with them. They also built an infinite podcast feature in case you’d like to hear the Malcolm X bot talk to the Sarah Palin bot for eternity.

Social Status, a game where players competed to earn likes on Facebook and if they lost they’d have an embarrassing photo posted to their feed ensuring that the unpopular stay unpopular.

White Man Dance Catalogue, was exactly what it sounds like. We particularly recommend learning the Bus Driver. They also purchased the best domain of the weekend:

And Auto-Corrupt, an iOS keyboard and bookmarklet that converts tame language into hilariously sexualized text and vice versa. This team pulled data from millions of tweets to generate this potentially career-ending tool.

Thank you to all the people and sponsors that helped make Comedy Hack Day happen. In no particular financial order they include: Slack (Thanks Bill and Paul and Mat!), MailChimp (Thanks Lain!), and Squarespace (Thanks Jessica and Rebecca and Kevin and Brian and Jeff Bridges!). Thank you to our host, General Assembly (Thanks Kristin and Michelle and Brooke and Harrison!). Thank you to our faithful beer sponsor Lagunitas (Thanks Dave and Jack and SJ!). Thank you to our conspiracy theorist Matthew Latkiewicz, our videographer Jon Bielin, and our photographer Joey Jeter. And a shout out to SF Sketchfest (Liz and David) for including our show in their amazing festival. 

A huge thank-you goes out to our buddies Workshop (Thanks Casson and Jessi and Creighton!) for making everything run smoothly this weekend and a bonus thanks to Jessi for helping us run three Comedy Hack Days over the course of one pregnancy (!).

And our last thank-you in this very long email goes out to all the participants. You guys are awesome and are the reason why we do this.

We’re going to be posting videos and photos from the event in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned and thank you for scrolling.

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