Dear <<First Name>>,

Greetings from a beautiful spring morning in Krakow, Poland. I have been keeping a low public profile since Fall 2021, concentrating on my personal practice, studies, art, and working with individuals 1:1. Like many, I watched the news coming from Ukraine. At times feeling helpless, numb, outraged, and inspired. Przemysl is a Polish town close to the Ukranian border, and since the invasion on February 24, 2022 it has seen massive inflow of refugees. This town was also the hometown of my paternal grandfather Avraham Apfel after whom I was named. He has left to Palestine before the town’s Jewish population, and our family, were killed.

In 2016 I spent Passover week in Pireaus, Greece, bearing witness to the displacement of Yazzidi, Afghan and Syrian refugees following the wars in Syria and Afghanistan. That week I found a meaningful way to experience Passover, a Jewish week tracing displacement, oppression, the arc of human suffering & inherent freedom - of the mindheart, of the world, and beyond.

One night in March 2022 I woke up feeling my grandfather’s presence and the idea to bear witness in Przemysl. The following April, I left in a haste, traveling light. I went with few plans and made my itinerary as I went. I aimed to practice not knowing, bear witness, and to have conviction in whatever action or connection rises from that.

In this travelog, I described the weeks that followed: serving refugees in distribution centers, disappearing into activity among international volunteers; intimate moments with Ukrainian parents and children over crayons and google translate in hectic train stations & mobile kitchens; directly distributing over $6000 in donations; and coming face to face with my family’s, and Poland, complex history, releasing ancestral binds and bearing witness to the best of humanity.

Read it here.

With care, appreciation, and prayer for peace.

Rami Avraham Efal

Note: While I am in Poland, if you’d like to make a contribution towards (a) the expenses of this trip, or (b) towards medicine or necessities, please do so here. Thank you.