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Re-Entry Into Tenderness: Unpacking The Promise Of Permanence A Year Into The Pandemic

On the last session of Lab/Shul's Glow Up Spring Meditation Series, [...] following the silence, many of us shared our experiences in this uncertainty. ‘After-covid,’ ‘Transitioning’, ‘Reopening’ were some of the words we used to set the context.

Some described the tears of relief, and grief, they shed when they received their first vaccination shot. To some, the promise of isolation lifting released sadness that has bottled up for a year, tugging on older, deeper yearnings. To connect? to belong? To touch and be touched?

Others spoke of navigating new kinds of conversations with their partners, children and close friends about precautions, unclear ‘opening’ CDC instructions and ultimately deeply personal preferences of existential comfort. Another described the dissonance of seeing others’ newfound freedom in places of low infection, access to outdoors, or due to vaccination, while themselves are still restricted. Some expressed the dread of returning to business-as-usual, in our destructive behavior towards our planet. A recognition innocence lost, gullibility maybe?

Has our relationship with the promise of permanence changed? Do we even ‘buy’ the notion of ‘normal’ anymore? Could there be something deeper to 're-enter'? More intimate to open to? Read the complete blog here.
I’m presenting at ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal’s Gathering Gleanings: Virtual Tikkun Leil Shavuot. Join me and fourteen other leaders as we harvest a tough year of practice, insight, and resilience, from sunset on Sunday, May 16, through sunset on Monday, May 17. I will lead one practice hour called Devotion to Presence. Bridge the gap between devotional practice and non-dual awareness and plunge into the creativity and intimacy of the emergent moment using musical prayer, shared meditation, and presence-based creative expression. Jewish-themed and multi-religious space open to all. Register here.
As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, all are invited next Tuesday, May 11th 2021to join Lab/Shul community with photojournalist Lisa Ross to learn through her camera lens and personal stories about her bearing witness to the experience of the Muslim Uyghur people and their genocide in China. Free and open to all

The Joint Israeli & Palestinian Memorial Day was completed in April 13th with the attendance of over 250,000 people from around the world. I felt heartbroken and inspired listening to the testimonials of the bereaved family members tell their stories of loss and resilience, punctuated by powerful poems, music, and preference art. You can watch the entire event here.
On May 15th , The Joint Nakba Day Ceremony, hosted by Combatants for Peace, brings together Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community to remember, honor, and acknowledge the Nakba when more than half a million Palestinians were displaced from their homes in 1948. Arabic for ‘the Catastrophe’, this experience is central to Palestinians’ collective memory and to the history of the wider conflict. I am honored to actively support the outreach of these events on their behalf in partnership with American Friends of Combatants For Peace.
"All I needed was a chance." A new documentary on the life-changing opportunities that Greyston Foundation -- which works in the intersection of employment equity, racial justice, community development, and applied Zen principles, offers residents in Yonkers New York -- by offering employment, no questions asked. Watch the trailer above, donate and register at the link below for a private screening and conversation with Greyston's CEO Joe Kenner and Shawna Swanson, whose story this film tells. Invoking the glimmer in the eyes of Bernie Glassman, founder of Greyston, as I watched this video.
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