Reflecting on Boston
Our hearts go out to our friends in Boston and anywhere where lives were touched by Monday's tragedy. The running community is close, and this will have a lasting emotional impact.  

The media, obviously, wants to know how we will prepare for this year's event.

Because ours is an urban race—unlike many in outstate Michigan—we run through the heart of the city and back—so we utilize 155 police officers and we involve the Office of Emergency Management, including a mobile command center at the finish line, seven dedicated emergency channels, and a medical team that includes only physicians and nurses at our medical stations and the finish line. We have ambulances on the course, and four different, connected, communications systems over and above the emergency channels.  

We do everything from equip our emergency rooms with special meds to having AEDs throughout the course. Naturally, we plan primarily for weather-related incidents, but with emergency planning you're gearing up for anything. It would be difficult to find the resources to do more, but we will continue to review our options to protect our runners.

Solidarity Run tonight!

Runners from the Kalamazoo area will be holding a Solidarity Run today, Tuesday, April 16. The run will start at 6 p.m. from the Garden Lane entrance to Celery Flats in Portage (7335 Garden Lane).

All paces are welcome and will be represented, and non-runners are urged to come out and walk or just be there to support the group. Those affected included both runners and those who love and support runners, so this event is for everyone.

We will run the first 1/2 mile together in a group to demonstrate our solidarity as runners. There were plenty of people who didn't get to run the last 1/2 mile of their marathon yesterday.We will run it for them, carrying them and all of the victim's of yesterday's horrific events in our hearts the whole way. Folks can keep going as far as they want to. Solidarity bibs can be downloaded here, if you'd like to wear one: