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February 1, 2012

Hello Divine Players! 

It's the month of love, especially for my family. A birth, three birthdays and a wedding anniversary to celebrate! Then, more fun and love comes in with the calling of the light and welcoming of our goddess of the hearth, Brigid. 

The birth I'm referring to is The Tarot Game's new baby sister...she is a soft board, smaller, easy to carry, and quick to set up. Her name is "The Travel Tarot Game." Don't worry I'm sure we'll find her a cute nickname.

Years ago before Schiffer Publishing gave the world the box kit...I designed and hand-made cloth boards on which to play tarot games. It feels good to come back to the craft.

The tarot community rallied around and contributed to the companion book for the new board. Among them, Pamela Steele, Amethyst Mahoney, Marcia McCord, Nancy Antennuci and Jordan Hoggard... We now have many new major arcana storytelling prompts, a custom spread by Barbara Moore, and an elemental correspondence resource by Joanna Powell Colbert.

I'll have full kits ready soon (and pictures!)

HAVE FUN... It's good for the soul. Jude


February 12 ~ ONLY DAYS AWAY! ~ Tarot Game Social at Coalesce Bookstore, Morro Bay, CA. Locals are invited to bring friends to play in the garden chapel. Call to reserve a space. 805.215.4370

February 17-20 ~ Pantheacon in San Jose, CA.  Debuting and demonstrating  The Travel Tarot Game ~ find it at  Tarot Media Company's vendor table.

March 23-25 ~ Readings, Lecture & Tarot Game Social at East West Bookstore, Mountain View, CA. Call to reserve a space 650.988.9800 or 800.909.6161

April 27 ~ Tarot Game Social at Readers Studio in New York. Readers Studio is a premiere event for tarot students. Visit The Tarot School site here for more details.

Jude Alexander

Divine Play Productions

Blessing Coin

Loyalty: the quality or state of being loyal or faithful; devotion; commitment; trueheartedness

THINK ABOUT:  To whom or to what are you faithful? Where do your loyalties lie?

  1. Observe your actions for a few days. Pay particular attention to what makes your heart sing.
  2. Sit with your observations for a few quiet moments.
  3. Compare how you are living your days with what you answered in the beginning. Are they aligned?
  4. Increase what brings joy and follows your devotions.
  5. Decrease what keeps you from them.

Meet A Divine Player

Jaymi Elford
Vancouver, Wahsington

Jaymi and I met at Readers Studio in New York. We have continued our friendship and support of one another by phone and on social media. 

I am honored to be featured as the divine player for February. My first experience with The Tarot Game happened with Jude herself. She was the first person I met at the 2011 Readers Studio and she took me through my first experience shortly after.

Through the game I have learned the fine art of writing affirmations for myself, self-esteem, and the various writing and tarot projects I am working on.

The Tarot Game is a wonderful tool of insight, exploration, and community. I have had hours of fun playing the game and learning about myself and the others that I have played with. 


Jaymi reads tarot
(& crochets very cozy tarot bags for your decks!)

Visit her at and

Game Stories

‎Beth Owl's Daughter writes: "...a game changer in the world of Tarot. It is one of the most beautiful, spirit-infused, and powerful gifts to Tarot in decades; an illuminating, brilliant portal to the most divine parts of divination. I cannot imagine any Tarot reader not turning to it regularly, for it can nurture us in profound, loving ways we otherwise rarely get to receive. Oh, and it is fabulously fun, too!"

Lizzie writes: I was so exited to get this game and instantly played it with my youngest two children and was so surprised at their insights and enthusiasm that we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our evening…it would take several pages to explain how fun this game is and I don't want to give away all the really cool activities. This is a must have game that everyone will love and enjoy!

If you have played the game,
please send me your story or 

Go to and write a short review of your game experience.

Thanks for helping get the word out!

Fun 4 Soul

Practice your devotions

It may be cooking a lovely meal for your family, maintaining friendships, or attending to your professional calling.
Use the exercise (above) from this month's blessing coin "Loyalty" to help focus on what serves your life.
~ the possibilities are endless


Have you played
The Tarot Game?
I'd love to hear your story.

Game Facilitators Wanted


I am offering mentorship to tarot entrepreneurs in the art of facilitating tarot game play. The first group is in session and I'm taking sign ups for the next. 

If you've experienced "burn-out" from years of reading the cards, you may find this fun, interactive approach refreshing and effective. 

Tarot Time

Queen of Cups
A storytelling prompt from
The Tarot Game

Immerse yourself in the imagery. Use the entire scene, mood, symbols, & colors... and then respond:

Share a story about whomever this resembles in your life.

Answer as well as you can. Though short or single word answers are possible, they are not as beneficial as a more detailed response.

Use a journal to write your response or better yet sit with someone and with this exercise, begin a storytelling session. 

Image byTarot de St. Croix

Free Game Trial

Try a demo version of The Tarot Game here.


The Travel Tarot Game Is Born

Expand and practice your intuitive reading skills.

This limited edition is a happy medium between the original tarot board game, hand made over 13 years ago, and the box kit published by Schiffer in 2010.

It is made with recycled and up-cycled materials; is easy to set up and fun to play. The companion book includes 3 new games and over 100  tarot storytelling prompts.

If your crafty, order the companion book and create your own board. Find it at: 
For interest in a full soft board kit, contact me. 
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